Introducing Evolutionary Psychology: A Graphic Guide

Drawing on the insights of evolutionary biology and cognitive sychology, as well as data from anthropology, primatology, and archaeology, evolutionary psychologists are beginning to piece together the first truly scientific account of human nature. Introducing Evolutionary Psychology is the perfect introduction to this exciting new field.
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Introducing Evolutionary Psychology
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Published October 12th 2010 by Icon Books (first published January 17th 1999

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rated it

Thi book " Evolutionary Psychology " by Dylan Evans& Oscar Zarate is a great work popularizing the science for the masses, even for young readers with a graphic novel-like format.

rated it

• Dads and Cads ( pg 120)- a naked, pregnant woman with what looks to be a large penis-lizard perched on her shoulder.• Women 's Extra-Pair Mating ( pg 125)- to illustrate 'cuckold strategy,' a white oman, lying in bed, holding a offensively racist rendering of a black baby, while her doting white husband stands at her bedside.

rated it

Though I am not an expert but I migh like to recommend this one those who have interest on evolutionary psychology.

rated it

But apparently people do n't like learning, cause Powell 's is getting rid of them for their lack of sales.Buy up people.

rated it

I especially love the dea of modules, which eminds me of Warframe mods.

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