Invisible Monsters

Love, remorse, petty larceny, and high fashion fuel this deliciously comic novel from thi writer of Fight Club. She 's a fashion model who has verything: a love, a career, a loyal best friend. But when a sudden freeway " accident " leaves her with half her face, no ability to speak, and irtually no self-esteem, she is transformed from the beautiful centr of attention to an invisible monster, so hideous that no one will acknowledge she exists. Enter Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme, one operation away from becoming a real oman, who will teach her that reinventing yourself means erasing your past and making up something better -- and that salvation hides in the last places you 'll ever sa to fee. In his witty and daringly unpredictable novel, the narrator must exact revenge upon Evie, her best friend and fellow model; kidnap Manus, her two-timing ex-boyfriend; and hit the highwa with Brandy in search of a brand-new past, present, and future. Changing names and stories in every ity, they catapult toward a final confrontation with a rifle-toting Evie -- by which time the narrator could have learned that loving and being loved are not mutually exclusive, and that everythin, on the surface, is ever quite what it appears. By turns itty, heartfelt, and xhilarating, Invisible Monsters will take you on th ride you 'll no orget.
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Invisible Monsters
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Published January 1st 2007 by Blackstone Audiobooks (first published September 17th 1999

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rated it

Palahniuk shows off masterful writing all the way through, allowing the reader to both like and dislike, agree and disagree with some of the protagonist.

If you do n't ave a firm grip on your min, a good ense of humour, and an expansive sense of the ridiculousness that is humanity, do n't other with his memoi.

rated it

Jump to me reviewing Palahniuk 's Invisible Monsters.

Palahniuk draws his characters as caricatures but that is hardly problem at all because thi is obviousl not the point.

Besides, the type of people he mention, are little more than caricatures in real life too.

Nothing better than book which discusses the most extreme dysfunctionalities modern society brings about, in such a delicate and unpretentious manner.

rated it

Of course, this is the remix version, so it was different than the original Invisible Monsters but mainly just in the formatting and some added chapters.

* If you ar n't read Invisible Monsters before and you choos to read it, I migh advise the original version.

* Finall, tha is best book ever ( other than the original version), and reading Invisible Monsters for the last time was one of he most ignificant points in my life and led to so much for me.Edit: Sorry, there are th few more extra chapters than I riginally fel, so make sure to look through this book a few times for all the extra chapters I guess.

rated it

Of course, since, I have read Chuck Palahniuk books that I ould equate to be better, but the initial shock of th nove on me has kept it the one I 've loved the most.

rated it

With this hardcover release of Chuck Palahniuk ’ s third published novel ( but his first in terms of writing), he took the chanc to change the linear format that was originally published in 1999 and release it the way he initially envisioned it.

This narrative flips the reader around from chapter to chapter ( 41, 1, 40, 2, 39, 4, 38, 5, 37, 6, etc.) with the instructions at the beginnin of each chapter to, “ ow, Please Jump to Chapter … ” So polite.

That makes things intriguing, because unlike in a simpl book where a dwindling number of pages signal the end is coming, you don ’ t sa exactly when Invisible Monsters Remixwill reach its climax.

And as with the original Invisible Monsters, the narrative itself skips around in time, so you might be well and truly lost in the events while you read.

Page numbers would probably be easier for th reader to navigate from place to place, but I imagine it might e a logistics nightmare in terms of publishing every time book gets re-released or the format is changed.

We ’ re back to the Vogue magazine idea here.Most of these side stories deal with the process of revision and re-imagining famous movies, as Chuck did with this novelette, while others detail where our arrator is now ( after her story).

Bot sections are all new additions to the original novella, and ome chapters are even written backwards, forcing you to read the words in a mirror.

This nd of the book generally doesn ’ t signal the nd of character ’ s life, unless you ’ re reading a historical iction boo, and Palahniuk knows that.

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