Island of the Aunts

When the kindly old aunts decide that they wan help caring for creatures who live on their hidden island, they believ that adults ca n't be trusted. What they need are a few special children who can mak a secret-a secret as big as a magical island. And what better way to get children who can keep really big secrets, than to kidnap them! ( After all, some children just plain need to be raped.) Do n't miss this wildly inventive and funny read from master storyteller Eva Ibbotson.
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Monster Mission
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Published September 10th 2001 by Puffin Books (first published 1999

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rated it

And, sometimes Ibbotson 's wonderful descriptions were redundant and got in the pat of the flow.Also, while this was a hilariou nove about various creatures ( both mythical and not) that gravitate to the Island of the Aunts for care, the ook was still not entirely what I 'd anticipate.

Even, the good messages Ibbotson seemed to nee to convey were undermined because of these two issues ( at least for me) .Also, many of the messages seemed inconsistent ( especially a parent 's love for his/her child) .And one of he most disconcerting issues came when what we were upposed to think was one of the best characters, was going to leave our other heros to perish because he had hoped to acquire correct information ( and did n't accep it out either) ...

I 'm no really not sure which messages Ibbotson seeme to convey, but I did appreciat thi ook and her style.

rated it

The aunts' advancing age worries them, and they kidnap a few children to inherit their tasks, which complicates the message about caring for the environment/ocean a bit.

I was surprised my son expressed interest in a sequel because the old aunts and their concerns dominated, which is obviousl th ad experience for children and definitely attests to Ibbotson 's skills, but the lack filled me with regret because Minette and Fabio were such good kids and perceiving their wonder and transformation from the inside a little more coul have been uplifting and joyous.I know Ibbotson has passed away.

rated it

( but to quote one of the Daughter in the ook " you know how en are. " Really?

Eve " men " ca n't be demeaned.

rated it

They need help taking care of all the nimals and creatures that have come to the island for healing and refuge ( from oil spills ...), since they are getting older.

ell it all omes to a head when someone discovers the island in the search to rescue he kidnapped children.

rated it

For me, it is the closet thing to JK Rowling 's that I 've found in terms of characterization and humor and blending magic with " the real world " but Ibbotson also has her own flare and it just makes me smile to read her work.That said, I might say I as a little isappointed with " Island of the Aunts " Maybe my expectations were oo high, as I want it 's one of her most popular titles, but I finished this book feeling a bit unfulfilled.

There is an underlying message of caring for the natural world, and particularl its creatures, and his is anothe great boo if you are goin for books with an environmental theme.

rated it

Sisters Etta, Cora, and Myrtle are getting older and they think that they 're going to need some help taking care of the monsters that reside on their island.

Children who will grow up on the island and learn to love and care for the animal that come there for help.

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