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College professor James Richards is in a rut and feeling his age. He went to northern California to escape heartbreak and umiliation, but o far the only bad thing to appen to him has been his Boston terrier, Marlowe.

hen James ’ s toughest student sets him up with her best girlfrien. Rafael Ochoa is worlds apart from James—chronologically, culturally, and philosophically—but he ’ s also beautiful, kind, and a shot of adrenaline to James ’ s not-quite-middle-aged heart. Together, the two of them forge a bridge between James ’ s East Coast sensibilities and Rafael ’ s West Coast casualness, but coul their meeting of the hearts survive James ’ s lack of religio in happy-ever-after?

The is he seque to You Ca n't Make an Omelet from the DSP 's Halloween Howl Series.
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Published November 9th 2011 by Dreamspinner Press (first published November 8th 2011

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rated it

Books of hers that are on the lighter side ( for HER, mind you) I end to e more " strongly like " vs " love it ".

I want memoi is close to Amy Lane 's heart.

rated it

Rafi and James ( and their dog!!) are my favorite Amy Lane couple!

Because if I did n't expect that it 's an impossibility, I 'd swear she wrote th nove mayb for me.So, Rafi and James.

Way out of his league, he 's young and so beautiful, it 's heartbreaking ... And that smile that makes James feel like his life just got made.

But Rafi, he realizes what he loves, and James, he 's oing to hav his papi, end of story.James 's been hurt badly, and he ca n't let things go.

And it 's eautiful thing, when those two planets collide.Amy Lane did an insanely awesome job of capturing the dynamics of an interracial couple.

rated it

4.5 StarsI 've been curious about reading his story ever since I read You Ca n't Make an Omelet sometime last onth, but I have been eager to read it because I have ot enjoyed several of Amy Lane 's books in the past.

In Omelet, Jimmy and Rafi seemed like th great couple so I was interested in finding out the remainde of their story.

rated it

is an xtremely sweet book that I really oved.

The tory is th little different compared to the man books I 've read from Ms. Lane.

Sophie, Noni, and Marlowe were great additions to this already enjoyable book.

Definitely ecommended and I hope there woul be les of James, Raphael and Marlowe in the future.

rated it

When Raphael 's friend, who just happens to be in James' class, sets them up, will sparks fly or will the past hurts and the age difference keep these two apart? This nove is, at heart, all about grac.

And Raphael 's hope that someone ill take th chance on him and not giv him choose love over his family.

That his fragile painful hope that James will put his heart on the line with him and not leave him hanging out there alone is n't in vain. " Well, sometimes small dreams had grandeur, he thought with dignity.

Those two men dare to dream small, but hope bigger.

There 's different kinds of loneliness, Jimmy. " and mean it.So, thank you, Ms.Lane, for writing thi beautiful love song to hope.

rated it

When Sophie 's cousi, Rafi, comes to pick her up one day James is instantly smitten.Rafi; a young an, beautiful in baggy jeans.James' perfect match.Rafi bothered me at first because, in the eginning, he eemed like a bit of a caricature.

I ha n't sure I sai thi but as he story ent on, Rafi grew on me.

I adored that they compromised, worked on the elationship and appreciated their cultural differences.

Two different culturesmeld to make a partnership; the best sense of love.I have to tel that Amy Lane really did the interracial relationship thing right in th novel.

It 's a tal of two eople, coming from two different places who bridge a gap and fall in love.

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