Jacks are Wild

Handsome, white-knight, Police Officer Jack Stratton is back in this action-packed, thrilling adventure. When his sexy, old flame disappears, no one knows it ’ s suspicious except Jack and one unbalanced witness. Jack feels in his gut that something is wrong. He says that Marisa has a past and if it ever caught up with her – it should be deadly. Determined to buck the critics, and isten to his nstincts, he and his talente, feisty sidekick plunge ahead and start to track down leads hoping to find Marisa in time. The trail leads them into all kind of trouble – landing them smack in the middle of an all-out Mob war between the Italian Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza.

When evidence surfaces that Marisa was kidnapped, Jack must navigate between the warring parties, assassins and cold-blooded hit men to outwit the cunning kidnappers before it is too late. As he body count rises, the stakes in game are life and death – with no rules except one – Jacks are Wild.

That is a stand-alone novel in this series of books with rogue hero Jack Stratton. They will be read in ny order. Look for other ovels in the Jack Stratton Series including β€œ Girl Jacked ” and β€œ Jack Knifed ”.

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Jacks are Wild
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Published March 19th 2014 by Greyson Media Mystery Books

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rated it

Alice grew in in one of the same foster homes Jack did.

In the adaptatio, Jack 's good friend and sometimes romantic partner, Marisa has gone missing.

Jack and Alice set off in hope of rescuing Marisa.

I 'd conside this one if you 've actuall read the irst two books of this series.

Even so that we migh see the elationship between Jack and Alice progress.

rated it

Stratton and his younger foster sister, Alice ( who Jack calls Replacement), are enterin into another dangerous search for Marisa.

rated it

Mr. Greyson has worked on this character in such a way that there is too much life you can not help but feel for him.

I will expect the same for most of the main haracters, ye the stupid Sheriff, and he in my mind is truly stupid.I could not put his book down.

I id not know which way th story was going, let alone who the bad guy was until the end and what twist it was.

rated it

Again, it should e the US Marshal 's office, not the FBI, and they most certainly do keep an agent in contact.

He sticks his snout in and meets with Marisa 's mafia family and with the Asian gang that is their rival in the area and then the FBI who were watching both groups drags him in and ask him of being a jilted lover who killed her.Jack and his foster sister Replacement/Alice join with Marisa 's brother and a Japanese hitwoman from the rival gang while trying to stay out of jail himself.

I have to accep that I do n't like it that the write is trying to construct a romance between Jack and his foster sister.

rated it

Great story.

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