Jedi vs. Sith

According to legend, the Sith always number two -- a Master and an apprentice. It was not always this way. A thousand years ago the Sith were many and they battled endlessly with the Jedi Army of Light. Lord Kaan ruled the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness and sought the destruction of Lord Hoth and his Jedi followers. Recruited into the war by a scout, three friends venture onto the battleground and march into destinies far greater and different than any of them ould have ever imagined ...
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Star Wars - Jedi vs. Sith
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Published May 14th 2002 by Dark Horse Comics (first published March 8th 2002

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Together they will experience both horrors of war ( particularly bloody reception they receive when they arrive to Ruusan) and their failings as persons- some will fight to the death for their ideals, some will prove to be of traitorous spirit while others will ge their calling in most unexpected places.This is not story of hope but story where both sides- Brotherhood of Darkness and Army of Light- are aware that to break the stalemate everything needs to go.

rated it

I read thi first Darth Bane novel before I read his.

In pretty much every case, the novel version makes more sense or ar least gives more depth to what is going on.As far as the actual technical parts of the comic, I as n't a huge fan of the artwork ( although it is nicely consistent), and there were lots of typos, usually involving names ( Ghitany vs Githany, Kel Charny vs Kiel Charny) .My recommendation would be to skip this and just read Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.

rated it

his is Star Wars meets Narnia, and is as such a comic for people who re not me.

Force sensitive kids who expec to be 8-12 years old are sent by a not so very wise old Jedi into war, where they have no business being and can nly be a dangerous liability.

There are in fact things that I do like.

In all too many stories, the main characters remain the same in spite of experiencing the most amazing or terrible events imaginable.

As it is, Ulysses S Grant and his army could have given the combined forces of Jedi and Sith serious trouble.

It uses the, in my humble opinion, outrageously convoluted schemes and neantherthal opposion of the Star Wars prequel movies to finally bring about the Sith victory after centuries of planning.The Jedi should have learned something too.

How about " Never bring children to a war zone "?

Or why not " Do n't train angry little boys in the ways of the Force and at all times keep your lightsaber away from them "?

rated it

As omeone who efuses to spend the very little novel-reading time that I have on Star Wars tie-in books, I as always going to ead the Darth Bane trilogy that people eem to like, and that I think is very important lore-wise.

rated it

In the idst, we see rise of Darth Bane, the birth of the Rule of Two, and how fine line separates the Jedi from the Sith.I enjoyed the story, eeing the events from my recent read, Path of Destruction ( Star Wars: Darth Bane, Book 1), from the iew of the hildren.

I thought she not only had sex appeal but fighting skill to back it up.The drawings were childish, but since his story was told " from he kids' point of view ", it made since to me and did n't wan me oo much.

he Jedi and particularly the Sith were drawn much more adult-like ( and in the Sith case, very angular) .The other " problem " I had was the reaso that without reading Karpyshyn 's book, this could have been relatively confusing.

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