Just Wanna Testify

Familiar faces and places meet fresh twists and turns in this enthralling novel from acclaimed author Pearl Cleage.

Atlanta 's West End district has always been a haven and home to a coterie of unique characters -- artists and thinkers, dreamers and doers. Folks here know one another 's names, keep their doors unlocked, and look out for their neighbors. Anyone planning to sell drugs, vandalize, or rob a little old lady should think twice before hitting this part of town. And Blue Hamilton, West End 's unofficial mayor and longtime protector, will see to it that you wan. Blue wears many hats here, including adored husband to Regina, dear nephew to Abbey, and doting father to Sweetie and another little one on the way.

Blue is also man you pay your respects to if you 're goin to set up shop in this urban enclave -- just ask Serena Mayflower, whom Blue sees striding down Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard wearing skin-tight black leather pants, thigh-high boots, and bright red lipstick. This tall, slender, ethereally beautiful woman and her four equally striking sisters make up the Too Fine Five, a tri of international supermodels who have arrived in town for an Perfectio magazine photo shoot.

But Blue 's gut tells him that there 's more to these Mayflower mademoiselles than their affection for full moons and Bloody Marys. With the ai of his beloved Regina and their close friends and relations in West End, Blue vows to discove the women 's secret intentions -- and prove once and for all that there is no greater force on earth than the power of love.

mesmerizing slice of not-so-everyday life, brimming with wicked wit and spiced with a few supernatural surprises, Just Wan na Testify showcases Pearl Cleage 's masterly storytelling at its soulful and satisfying finest.
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Published May 10th 2011 by One World (first published January 1st 2011

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rated it

Eventuall there 's some fashion models who are really vampires, and they are called the Too Fine 5 and they 're so skinny and sickly and weird looking, but some how so hot to most wome,, but ot Blue he 's too much of a bad-ass gentleman for that, and as he discovers his concerned wife ( Regina), he ikes his women with, " more meat on their bones. "* Swooon* Oh yeah and the vampire super models do n't drink blood they drink tomato juice, yes ...

But then Regina convinces him to help and to ake long boring story a short boring story Blue defeats the Too Fine 5 by signing an incredibly moving rendition of " At Last " to his ife in front of a large audience including the vampires, and leader of the vampires is so moved by the evident love that she wants to let the young men out of their ontract.

rated it

But if you feel you 've been young, living on top of the world and life can do NO wrong, then you eed to sit down and read this book.Once again, our knight in shining armor, Blue Hamilton, former singer turned self imposed godfather of Atlanta 's West End is up against omething that even he an not do without.

rated it

This retellin of cocktail drinking love-scarred vampires seeking to exploit folly of men will appeal to women.This is a fun and entertaining read.

rated it

As an Atlanta resident and fan of he writer, I was " amped " to kno the least, but it took a minute for me to get into this one.

rated it

It was just my least favorite of Pearl 's books.

( Let 's just restate I am her biggest fan.) What I realized is I was looking forward to catching up with the protagonist in he nove.

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