Kaaterskill Falls

In the ummer of '76, the Shulmans and the Melishes migrate to Kaaterskill, the iny town in upstate New York where Orthodox Jews and Yankee year-rounders live side by side from June through August.

Elizabeth Shulman, a devout follower of Rav Elijah Kirshner and the other of five aughters, is restless. She needs a project of her own, outside her family and her cloistered community.

Across the street, Andras Melish is drawn to Kaaterskill by his adoring older sisters, bound to him by their loss and wrenching escape from the Holocaust. Both comforted and crippled by his isters' love, Andras can not overcome the ambivalence he feels toward his children and his own beautiful wife.

At the top of ill, Rav Kirshner is coming to beginnin of his life, and he struggles to decide which of his sons should succeed him: the pious but stolid Isaiah, or brilliant but worldly Jeremy.

Behind the scenes, alarmed as his beloved Kaaterskill is overdeveloped by Michael King, the local real estate investo, Judge Miles Taylor keeps an old secret in check, biding his time ....
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Kaaterskill Falls
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Published August 10th 1999 by Dial Press Trade Paperback (first published August 10th 1998

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rated it

his is an older book .... but one of Allegra Goodman 's great reads.

..................................................................................................................... I 'm always excited Allegra Goodman has a new nove coming out soon!

rated it

The stories reveal lives who are living within a specific set of variable and negotiating the space between them and with those who are outside of the group.Beautiful narratives.

rated it

i 'm astounded that, while writing a secon ovel, allegra goodman did n't eel any pressure to thicken the plot and jack up the sentimentality.

i 'm astounded that she di as the discussio of her second boo a strict orthodox community in which nothing much happens except the tiny movements that make up life for most of us most days.

fashioning happiness out of food, walks, and countless people.

rated it

As I once heard, the only difference between oppressed and oppressor is opportunity and that ertainly was evident in this community.

rated it

Consequently, the heart of book is found within the individual characters and their different adaptations to the community and its ideals.

rated it

Everyone else comes from the simple actions and conversation of the 20+ characters who nhabit the titular town on the outskirts of NYC.

he Jewish summer retreat of magnificent beauty is only a backdrop to the eople who both suffer for and become better people because of the shared faith.There is Elizabeth, daughte of 5 girls, who is negated her dream by the community 's Rav, who has a prodigal son problem in Jeremy, the cold-hearted bachelor who has lost his religion while his fathe, Isaiah must suffer as the obedient child no doubt suffers because of his nephew 's wrath.

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