Kehinde is a Nigerian woman, unsure of herself, not quite certain she has he right to be happy. With her stepfathe, Albert, she has made a home in London, and has a promising career when Albert decides they should return to Nigeria. Kehinde is loath to do muc, and joins him later, reluctantly, only to realize that he has taken a second, younger wife. Her years in England have left Kehinde unwilling and unprepared to reembrace Nigerian social mores; and unable to deny thi situation, she agrees to London.
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Published February 22nd 1994 by Heinemann Educational Books

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Kehinde tells the tory of a Nigerian woman living in Britain whose husband refuse to return to Nigeria for the newly-arrived economic opportunities to be found there and- more ominously- the " respect " he 'd get as a big man, and he irony of fulfilment he 'd attain being with his family, particularl his sisters, whose intervention already causes Kehinde substantial uneasiness.

Emecheta is uniquely accomplished in depicting these about-faces, these commonplace betrayals, as a function of Nigerian classed and family structure.

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