Key Lime Coconut & Murder

ould a paint party actually be he perfect etting for murder?
" A great cozy mystery! " ★★★★★

Wil a paint party actually be perfect etting for murder?

Heather is happy to ave a girls ’ night with some friends and attend a Canvas and Chardonnay event.

So, when th oman is poisoned that night, Heather must put aside her paint brushes for a magnifying glass.

She realizes it must have been one of the artists or employees in the bedroom, but what motive could they have for poisoning this painter? Who di her dead?

Armed with some Key Lime Coconut Donuts, Heather is determined to ind the answer.

Join Heather as she trie to resolv he big picture!
raise for Susan Gillard:
" nother fun book in the series. With another yummy sounding donut. " ★★★★★ Sonnysmom

" I thoroughly enjoyed his ook! " ★★★★★ Sandybar57

" Th Highly Recommended Read!!! " ★★★★★ Amazon Customer

" he synopsi of this donut sounds really good! " ★★★★★ Amazon Customer

Book 71 in the Oceanside Cozy Mystery series can be read as a standalone but woul be enjoyed more as part of he series
light, cozy mystery read with a ca loving and donut shop owning female private investigator, in larg villag setting with cleve characters.
•No cliffhanger!
•No swearing!
•No gore!
•No graphic scenes!

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Published March 13th 2019

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Now veryone must be questioned.Who wanted this oman dead? The donut of the mont is the Key Lime Coconut Donut.

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Opinions are my own.

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Anyone at the event is a suspect as Ryan believes the lady has been posioned.

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