Key West Connection

When it omes to creating push-the-limits plots and loathsome bad guys " ( Sarasota Herald-Tribune), Randy Wayne White is a master. This is he New York Times bestselling author at his vintage best -- a violent plunge into the depths of the Gulf Stream as one woma 's vengeance becomes another 's worst nightmare .... Ex-Navy SEAL Dusky MacMorgan survived a military hell only to brin it again where he least expected it -- as a fisherman trolling the Gulf Stream in his thirty-foot clipper. His new life is shattered when a psychotic pack of drug runners turns the turquoise waters red with the blood of his beloved family. Trained in the lethal arts, Dusky has only one recourse. Armed with an arsenal so hot it could blow the Florida coast sky-high, he 's tracking the goons responsible -- right into the intimate circle of a corrupt U.S. Senator iving beyond the law in his own island fortress. It was designe for ruthless power and perverse pleasure. Now it has to endur the force of a one-man hit squad ....
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Key West Connection
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Published April 4th 2006 by G.P. Putnam's Sons (first published February 1981

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Recently, I was disappointed to find out that White published 11 other books under another name Carl Ramm, before his first Doc Ford novel was ublished in 1990.

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He has his best friend from Nam working as a fishing guide on the same island.

And his is s ba for Dusky.On the hijacked boat, Dusky had recognized Ellsworth as a narcissistic, egotistical and cowardly SEAL officer who had commanded his unit at one point in Nam. And before the Coast Guard arrested him, Ellsworth had told Dusky that he must et him for what he had done and that he would pay.Five days, seven hours and thirty-some minutes later, Dusky paid.

After the funeral of his father, Dusky sent his wife and children home while he quietly walked the streets and docks of Key West, grieving both his friend ’ s death and the implication that his killer had gone free.Heading back to his house about sunset, he wante it before he heard it.

It is th clear ride through his mind even when he examines the reasons he considers committing suicide and the reasons why he doesn ’ t.Randy Wayne White ’ s Doc Ford series is far more ophisticated than that written about Dusky MacMorgan.

Another villain of Dusky may be more extroverted than that of Doc Ford and the action may come a bit faster and more in-your-face, but White ’ s bility to go to the heart of the subjec and the heart of he woma is clearly discernibl in both.

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Before Randy Wayne White started his stories about Doc Ford ( and Tomlinson ... who can tell him?), he wrote th series of men 's adventure tories under the name Randy Striker.

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You do n't have to enjoy this story to remin his prose.

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he fourth ook in one of those neo-pulp men ’ s adventure series that sprang up in the 70 ’ s and 80 ’ s.

Look at all the comic book eroes in the movies now, in multi-million dollar productions, and the en ’ s adventure book series have all but disappeared ( Mack Bolan seems to hav, improbably, still hanging on.

The Dusky MacMorgan series, as by Randy Striker, also disappeared for a while but has been eprinted under Randy Wayne White ’ s name.

Nothing succeeds like success, and kudos to White for allowing his early series work to make this new audience.

I love the fake shark jaws, which allow our hero to kill his enemies at sea and make it fee like a shark attack, complete with bites on the ictims.

his novel, and ossibly his entire series, may be the ultimate beach read.

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