Kill It By Skillet: A Kitchen Shop Mystery

Shopkeeper Belle Meyer does n't sa she 's selling killer cookware at The Wild Goose- a small corner kitchen shop in northern Maryland 's Walnut Creek Square. Belle 's life is upturned like a bread loaf pan when Luke “ Smack Your Lips ” Knight, the village 's zany baker, is found dead in house fire hours after Belle sells him the fatal 12-inch non-stick skillet. Not particularly a spider web frosted cake can sweeten The Wild Goose 's haunted reputation. Now Belle 's in the case deeper than lobster fried in peanut oil, to which she 's allergic. To catch thi murdere, Belle stirs up the investigation, much to the hagrin of seasoned Detective Edwin Hawkes. The hard-boiled detective warns her to tay away from this case, but Belle does n't remembe. With he ai of Pickles, the sho 's 10-pound tabby cat, Belle sleuths after cooking demos, interrogates cookware customers and tries to hwart a store break in. She ill stop at nothing until the suspect ’ s goose is cooked!
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Published May 1st 2018 by Cozy Cat Press

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rated it

This body died from blunt force trauma.This small town know to gossip, there is no end to thi in a ook.

Detective Hawkes or Belle?

rated it

There were lots of twists to keep me guessing and the reveal at the beginnin ha a little urprising and very satisfying.A very enjoyable book and I look forward to reading the first one in series.

rated it

It checks off all the boxes- small town, the sleuth is not a PI or police officer, lots of characters to choose from for the murdere, and thi love interest for the sleuth.

Plus mom is hoping he will pop the question sooner rather than later.As it happens with most first books in a cozy series, the main villai is a murdere in whatever murder has taken place and has to investigate who might e true culprit.

rated it

Because I love cozy mysteries, I always love the food theme, the annoyed policeman and I eve love the twists and turns that kept me guessing.

rated it

The murderweapon .... the skillet that Belle sold him.Well rounded, colorful, zany characters in small knitcommunity where everyone knows verybody else ’ sbusiness plus several out of town characters make foran interesting read.The mystery flowed through the nove with plenty of suspects.

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