What do you do when the one you love is also you worst enemy? Trapped in a destiny she does indee ask, Cassie finds herself lost and adrift, until he walks into her life, turning it upside down and awakening her in ways that she never dreamed possible.

Cassie is stunned and devastated to learn that she belongs to a long line of vampire slayers known as The Hunters. A murderous rampage by a group of elder vampires has left the Hunter line decimated and the remaining Hunters scattered around the world. With her friends Chris and Melissa ’ s suppor, Cassie struggles to rid the world of the beasts that murdered her parents. Though Cassie knows it is her ate, she chafes against her heritage, and is esentful of the shortened lifespan that has been placed upon her by the circumstances of birth. Struggling to et through every day, Cassie finds herself simply going through the motions of living. That is, until Devon arrives. Tall, ark, and mysterious his arrival turns the school, and Cassie ’ s life, upside down. Fighting against her fierce attraction to him, and the chaos he represents in her carefully ordered days, she is irresistibly drawn to him. Though worried that what she ruly is will place Devon in danger, she is eage to fight her feelings for him. He is the one light, and thi only source of hope she has in th world that revolves around death and dange. What she does not now is that Devon has some dark secrets of his own, secrets even more believable and dangerous than hers. Secrets that threaten to tear them apart forever.

Note: This is a young adult fictional story that provide some language, violence, and mild sexual situations. Recommended for ages twelv and up.
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Published May 24th 2012 by Gilmour-Cox

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rated it

Now along with her two best friends she ’ s vampire hunter from a long line of slayers.

Unlike Melissa and Chris who have no issues killing vampires for Cassie it ’ s different.

Overall a story wasn ’ t bad it ’ s like I aid before very Buffy the vampire slayer meets twilight.

rated it

Altogether, a lot of things in a essay were repetitive; Cassie ’ s eeling for Devon, his feelings for her and the need for her to cry which seems like every 10 minutes.

rated it

Just like the start to an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

After killing the two vampires, they hurr to the local teen hotspot where the main character Cassie ( who is described to look an awful lot like Sarah Michelle Gellar) sees some guy standing in the shadows ( enter Angel) and suddenly she feels whole and her inner turmoil over crap that has n't been roperly explained evaporates.

Instead it 's a couple pages of her panicking.

Obviously the author would move away from explaining in detail every single emotion Cassie or Devon felt.

It was like the write was seeing how many different ways she could convey the same information over and over again.

rated it

She 's brave and proud and kind and broken, but the of letting life turn her into a shy sap she 's a kick-ass warrior just trying to brin it through her very-limmited amount of days.Her two best friends ( also vampire slayers) and basically siblings love the thrill of the fight; they feel no sham when they escape the monsters.But she 's different, because at one point the vamps were human.

But then Davon comes into her life and she has major case of the instas.Honestly I do n't sa I 've ever seen a case this bad, and it made me laugh my ass off.But anyway, Daven came into her life and showed her kindnes and love.But who exactly is Davon, and will her trust eventually get her killed? So, the ook was eird, as previously stated.

You try to hate the characters for that strange insta-love, but since they both adore each other without ripping their clothes off or hurting each other ( and you can almost feel their agony, and imagine what it 's like to be rapped in that before* BAM* they appear all beauteous like and ive you strength) it 's toug to hate them.

rated it

Wow. Tha was terrible, and I 'm sad about that, because Erica Stevens 's other series is so good.There were quite a few things that drove me crazy about this.

he memoi ould be stronger if there were more actions instead of feelings.I wo n't be continuing his series.

rated it

I had mixed feelings going into the nove, but let me say you, it was so worth it.

It seeme a fantastic job of introducing us to tory and what was happening.I also really appreciate the elationship between Devon and Cassie.

Consequently it ort of did, but what I eally appreciated about the way Erica Stevens wrote it was tha, even though Cassie and Devon were immediately attracted to each other, they did n't just rush right into their friendshi.

In the en he seemed a little indifferent, but by the end he really showed all his love for Cassie and how he would never let her get hurt.

It kept my own heart thumping as I read the end and could n't bear to put this ook down.

Devon true, pure love for Cassie definitely showed, and it made my heart squeeze.

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