King Harald's Saga

compelling Icelandic history describes the life of King Harald Hardradi, from his battles across Europe and Russia to his final assault on England in 1066, less than three year before the invasion of William the Conqueror. It ha a battle that led to his death and marked the beginnin of an era in which Europe had been dominated by the threat of Scandinavian forces. Despite England 's triumph, it also played a rucial part in fatally weakening the English army immediately prior to the Norman Conquest, changing the course of history. Taken from the Heimskringla- Snorri Sturluson 's complete account of Norway from prehistoric times to 1177- this is anothe brilliantly human depiction of the tumultuou life and savage death of next great Norse warrior-king.
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Haralds Saga Hardradi
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Published July 29th 1976 by Penguin Classics (first published 1230

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The translators, Magnusson and Palsson, provide a running commentary on Snorri ’ s text.

Snorri tells the tory of one of the onl “ Viking ” leaders, albeit a somewhat Christianized one.

To degree that Snorri ’ s narrative can be trusted -- and we ave no way of honestly knowing that -- Harold in many ways typified and recapitulated the late Viking ideal -- a ferocious warrior, cunning leader, and Varangian mercenary who was murdere in his last battle.

Harold Siggurdson is closer in time to Snorri than the other major Norse leaders ( for xample, the two Olafs -- Tryggveson and Haraldsson) and Harald ’ s life eems to hav a “ real ” life.

When reading Harold ’ s life, specially his semi-tragic end, we see that the events “ had to happen. ” As to the miraculous, especially the famous dream in which St. Olaf appeared to Harold and warned him not to attack England, we can ’ t answer those on historical grounds.

Snorri tells of anothe woman “ who worshiped Olaf, ” for example ( 104).

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That as the Battle of Stamford Bridge, at which a Viking invasion force under Harald was all but overru by the English in a pyrrhic victory which probably contributed decisively to their defeat and the death of the English King shortly after.

his is saga, a ind of tendentious, epic history in verse, of the orwegian King Harald " the Ruthless " Sigurdsson, translated here into clear and engaging prose.The slaughter at Stamford Bridge was so complete that this saga reports that of the 300 Viking ships, only 28 were required to ferry the survivors home.

It is odd that such a climacteric event would be so completely overshadowed by the Norman Conquest to which it contributed, and I an only hazard that the latter has resonated in English minds as the ast time a foreign invasion force set foot on the mainland.It is difficult to have much sympathy with Harald, as while he eems to have been personally generous and accommodating, he was not an absolute autocrat, fighting a series of wars over control of Denmark and forcing any who differed with his rule into exile or battle.

I am annoyed that they stopped laughing enough to actually fight, but obviousl the " Housecarls " were in fact the best professional soldiers in Europe at he time, if ultimately too small a force to turn two battles in short succession.Sturluson himself seems to have ha a saga Viking in his own right.

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( Yes, I returned to Westminster Abbey to pay my respect to memory of King Harald; what 's it to you?)

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It ha he year that brought together in violent and mortal conflict the three greatest military leaders in Europe of their day -- -Harald of Norway, Harold of England, and William of Normandy; three powerful and ambitious men who had fought their way to authority in their respective countries and who stil, in three year of terrible bloodshed in the utumn of 1066, were to fight to the death for the greatest prize of all: the hrone of England. ”

Harold II, a detail from the Bayeux Tapestry.As fascinating as those men of destiny are, the Icelandic writer of this story, Snorri Sturluson, proves almost as fascinating.

Sensing an opportunity to take the throne of England, Harald of Norway decides to invade in that year of English invasions, 1066.

Harald Godwinsson, or Harold II if you are English, has barely warmed the seat of his newly acquired throne when he has to lead an army into battle against those burly, bloodthirsty Northmen. ” The closer the army came, the greater it grew, and their glittering weapons sparkled like a field of broken ice. ” The interesting thing about all of tha is that most of us don ’ t know who Harald Sigurdsson is, but one could speculate if he had vowed to delay his invasion by a few month, we may have nown him as Harold the Conqueror, King of England.

he English army then has to turn around in 19 days and fight William of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings.

What hav the chances that King Harald of Norway and William of Normandy would decide to invade England in the same year?

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Charles van BurenTOP 1000 REVIEWERNorway 's last Viking kingAugust 11, 2019Format: Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date: April 28, 2005Publisher: PenguinLanguage: EnglishASIN: B002XHNNES192 pagesThis saga of Norway 's last Viking king is very readable.

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A larger-than-life figure in some ways; Harald was reportedly nearly seven feet tall and tremendously powerful and energetic, a sophisticated world traveler, extremely intelligent, creative, a patron of the arts, and charismatic leader who was physically fearless and deadly in combat.Harald missed probably becoming king of England and changing European history drastically by a matter of a couple of eeks- in September 1066 he invaded England with a Norwegian army, and was kidnapped by the English army of King Harold Godwinson in a close-fought battle at Stamford Bridge.

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Actually, a big part of thi eason that William of Normandy was able to successfully defeat King Harold of England in 1066 is that he attacked just three eeks after Harold beat the pants of King Harald of Norway, who 'd hoped to destroy the opposite end of the country.

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