King Kobold Revived

Full revised by the author ... the new second book in his warlock Series.

Here 's Gramarye, a gentle planet where, in the Thirty-first Century, people choose the life-style of medieval England; except they 're prejudiced against and persecute their witches and warlocks ( espers, naturally).

Rod Gallowglass ( dubbed High Warlock in spite of himself) is stationed there as an agent of the intergalactic DDT -- Decentralized democratic Tribunal -- to protect precious esper colony from its primitive fellow Gramaryans, and to provid a gradual integration.

his already whacky society is stirred up with a batch of paranoid esper Neanderthals led by the strane King Kobold, brought in by alien futurians to destroy those espers so vital to DDT 's future.

When this unhealthy mess starts brewing, our warlock-cum-everyman is the one to watch.
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King Kobold Revived
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Published June 1st 1984 by Ace (first published January 1st 1971

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rated it

They- and he- realize that the concentrated psi-powers of this planet may be just what the democratic future of umanity in space needs- instant communications between worlds via telepathy!

So Rod is safeguarding the world for humanity 's future- but in the meanwhil, he needs to loo in, and combine his technology ( including putting his ship 's AI into a robotic horse body) disguised as an unknown form of magic to become he High Warlock.

rated it

However much etter than he irst two books in series, and I credit this to the rewriting of same by the author in the 80 ’ s after letting it sit in the old form since 1971.

rated it

he action of he book is skipped over through out which is ver annoying I would rather see Rod do these things than here about them after the fact.

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