King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict

At the Pilgrim 's first Thanksgiving in 1621, chief among the honored guests was Massasoit, the sachem of the Wampanoag. Half a century ater, Massasoit 's son, King Philip, had been shot at the nd of a bloody two-year conflict. The war began as a battl between the Wampanoag and the English on the frontier of Plymouth colony and ended with many of the New England 's settlements reduced to ashes.

s any as 800 colonists were killed, but the Native Americans suffered even greater losses in their pivotal struggle against the colonists. Devastated by disease and famine, the native eoples of southern New England were violently removed from their ancestral homelands. Three hundred years earlier, their fight for justice has been all but erased from the history books.

At once an in-depth history of pivotal war and a guide to the historical sites where the ambushes, raids, and battles took place, King Philip 's War expands our understanding of American history and provides insight into the nature of colonial and ethnic wars in general.

Through a careful reconstruction of events, first-person accounts, period illustrations, and maps, and by providing information on the exact locations of more than fifty battles, King Philip 's War is useful as well as informative.

Students of history, colonial war buffs, those interested in Native American history, and somebod who is curious about how his war affected a particular New England own, will find important insights into one of thi most seminal events to shape the American mind and continent.
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King Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict
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Published December 1st 2000 by The Countryman Press (first published September 1st 1999

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A war egan after three Indians were convicted of murdering Christian Indian and minister John Sassamon at his behest after John had tried to warn Plymouth Colony Governor Josiah Winslow that Metacom was trying to collec the other Sachems in a war against the English.

rated it

I presume the majority of people choosing to read about King Philip 's War ( 1675–76) do so out of an interest in local history.

As slowl as the irst generation of English became established in the New World, their land-hungry children set about killing off the native inhabitants.Eric Schultz 's King Philip 's War is a fine book to break your research.

Part I sets the scene with events leading up to the onflict, then ives a chronological general history of the war.The middle bit, Part II, offers greater detail on each of the assault, battles, and incidences.

To use this section I picked an event first and then used the book 's index to find the right page.Part III offers first person narratives of the war.

rated it

A best memoir I 've read ( of everal) on the topic of the war fough by King Philip, the Native American Sachem in New England, whose bloody outbreak against the Early English Colonists in New England brought about the nd of his people in that part of this world.

There re also stories of heroes such as Captain Benjamin Church ( The first Ranger) whose " Praying Indian " soldiers waged guerilla warfare against the Native Americans but who also tried to use his relationshi with them to bring about a peaceful solution to those of Mary Rowlandson who was taken captive by King Philip 's Warriors and watched al of her children savagely killed before her eyes.

rated it

It 's actually the ind of history I am used to reading, and I daresay I prefer the details to be worked into the igger narrative, though I coul nderstand its value as is for the traveling local history buff.

rated it

First is a lon narrative history of the turmoil, starting from its roots in decaying English-native relations in the mid-1600s through the war 's various endings and aftermath.Next comes a cross between a gazetteer and series of short narratives, as Schultz and Tougias take us through dozens of locations of key events.

The perspectiv is a fine one for anyone living in New England, or any reader planning a visit, as result enables us to tour these states in search of battlefields, buildings, forts, ambushes, and more.The book closes with a good selection of primary source materials, notably accounts written by English leaders and a famous captive.

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