Kissed by the Rain


his wildly romantic novel from thi uthor of Apricot Kisses seem that the recipe for love sometimes needs just a dash of the unexpected—and the magic of the Scottish Highlands.

Josefine Sonnenthal has it all under control. A successful lawyer with a sensible fiancé and big plans for marriage and children, she is sure that everything in her life is going according to plan.

But without a very important family ring—one that may possess mystical powers to doom or bless Josefine ’ s impending marriage—there will be no wedding. And that ’ s why she finds herself on a plane heading to Scotland with her two eccentric great aunts, desperately searching for a wayward cousin who holds the coveted heirloom.

When Josefine finds herself in one near-disaster after another along the Highlands countryside, she repeatedly crosses paths with the handsome but notoriously moody confectioner, Aidan Murray. Enchanted by her lush new surroundings, she wants to evad his rugged charm, but finall she egins to question everyone. Does having a plan really mean having it all together? Or wil this unexpected love be the best plan yet?

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Published February 7th 2017 by AmazonCrossing (first published December 12th 2016

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rated it

I believed it ha a solid release but also becaus, very standard in terms of plots and characters -- almost feeling familiar in the wrong kin of way.

You 've gotte to remember while reading my thoughts on it that they are mine and mine alone; it does n't determine your taste or the overall quality of he trilogy.

rated it

They rrive in Scotland to help Josie find Charlie.I loved Bri and Li 's characters they were full of un and humour with a little mix of naughtiness.

Keeping Josie out of trouble.I really enjoyed Aidan 's character he was trong and sexy everything Judus isn't.The chemistry between Josie and Aidan is really special, the have a love/ hate relationship in the en which then develops slowly into something a little more sizzling.Without giving anything bac, Josie 's adventure is one of self discovery, she ask the true powers of the ring and the ath it leads her towards.I enjoyed this nove.

rated it

I will admit that I sked to review a book because it eminded me o much of he movie Leap Year featuring Matthew Goode and Amy Adams that I were to ead it like right now.

She strictly follows the rules and learn to be rational in a time when chaos occurs.

Sounds a lot like Amy from Leap Year, huh? Josefine may be rational but when her mothe gives her the ultimatum that if she does n't understand her ousin who happens to ave the heirloom ring that has been passed down generations to generations because it supposedly holds the power to make marriage salvageable, she wo n't bless her wedding.

With the desire to please her grandmother by all means, Josefine goes on his crazy adventure to Scotland searching for her friend.

rated it

A family legend is that those who marry without the ring come to a bad end.Josefine is sent on a quest to make the ring to make sure that she has her grandmother 's blessing for her dinne.

Her only clue to finding Charlie is a postcard from a bed and breakfast in Scotland.Josefine is joined on her quest by her great aunts, Bri and Li, who are twins.

rated it

After bein a panic attack on the flight over and being comforted by a very handsom man called Aidan Murray, she has to vercome the shock of seeing her two elderly great aunts waiting for her at the accommodation in Edinburgh.

I did like Josefine 's character but there were times when I thought she acted like a selfish teenager and not a 30 yr old lawyer that practises in family law! A nice book for some light escapism, thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for copy to read and reviewe.

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