Kristy's Big Day

he hit series returns to charm and inspire generation of baby-sitters!

Kristy 's mom is getting arried, and something is goin to town to help, bringing their kids with them. Fourteen kids! Kristy is sure she and Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Dawn can handle it -- they 're professional baby-sitters, after all, and Kristy 's mom has offered them a lot of money to ake on such a big job.

But can a yea of changing diapers, stopping fights, solving mix-ups, and keeping fourteen children entertained prove to be so much for the BSC? Can they keep things under control for Kristy 's big day?
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Kristy's Big Day
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Published December 1st 2012 by Scholastic Inc. (first published January 1st 1987

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rated it

rarely though i also seemed to throttle the kid that did it for messing up such a great organizational system.okay, actual plot: kristy 's mom is marrying watson.

but her job help her to be in europe for when the brid is scheduled,& then a buyer ( the perkins family) comes along for the house& is willing to pay the full asking price is they can take possession, like, omorrow.

thomas& watson are n't cool with just shacking up together but unmarried for a few years, even though they ave oth been married before& it 's onl eally a big deal for an unmarried couple to live together.

willia 's siblings (& their spouses& children) plus watson 's best friend (& his girlfrien& children) are all oming to stoneybrook to pitch in for the week before the wedding.

if tha was my wedding/moving day, i 'd never be aggravated that i uddenly had to delegate responsibility to a whole crew of well-meaning helpers that i did n't request help from, but whatever.because everyone has kids, mrs.

thomas hires the BSC to watch all the kids for the hole week& pays them$ 600 for their trouble --$ 120 for each girl for 40 hours of babysitting.

i ould see later kristy accepting a bridemaid invite because she cares about the person who wante her, but is n't there a whole passage in the " friends forever " book where kristy 's dad gets hitched where kristy complains about having to wear th dress to the wedding?

rated it

he Thomas kids and their mother coul be leaving their comfortable neighborhood to live in Watson 's mansion and Kristy feels worried about the future.

rated it

his pants and shirt never match, he smokes cigars, and he talks too loudly. " does he also sell used cars? -kristy 's foray into girliness ( wanting to wear th dress, being excited about flowers and heels).

I like his because I kno of myself as having been a tomboy growing up, but I actually liked ( and ontinue to like) being extremely girly and feminine sometimes.-the fake wedding the bsc has for the fake day care is really cute.

pete and watson are opposed to the prospect of living together before they are officially married ( which does n't eally seem realistic to me based on what I now about hose characters), why do n't they just get legally married without the ceremony, and hen have the actual ceremony and party in october? one claudia outfit: -She was wearing one of her usual outrageous outfits: a black leotard and skintight red pants under a white shirt that was so big it looked like a lab coat.

rated it

Family: I got into the BSC after reading the Karen books, and because I loved Karen so much, it was natural that Kristy was my favourite baby-sitter.

rated it

To thi point where your 13 year old nephew and her riends ave to take boys for haircuts ( grandma can give them a ride but not actually go in and give any input, the junior high schooler 's got this).

Yeah okay.But 10 year old me was obsessed with th nove and the est of the babysitters' club books so they mak a pass.

rated it

I feel I read them until I was in 9th grade or something embarrassing.

Even, THIS particular one was one of my absolute favourite, and I read it a bazillion times.

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