La maldicion del castillo

This brooding Lord Bernard MacCullough spends all of his time in his decrepit castle, rying to figure out who it was who betrayed his father to his political nemies. To prevent interruption by pesky villagers, Bernard perpetrates a rumor that he is, in act, a dragon. The gullible villagers respond by sacrificing a virgin, beautiful young Gwendolyn, to Bernard. They tie her up and eave her near the castle to be aten. When Bernard finds her, he admits he must find her captive, lest the villagers discover the truth about his ruse. Romance soon blossoms, of course.
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The Bride and the Beast
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Published January 1st 2009 by Ediciones Urano (first published June 6th 2000

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rated it

I an just picture you sitting with your cloven hooves propped up on the hearth, enjoying a nice warm cup of kitten 's blood, when you hea the houting of the gang.

' I do believe someone has left another human sacrifice on my doorstep.' " He was silent for o long that Gwendolyn began to tremble.

I ad to swear off kitten 's blood because it gave me dyspepsia. "***** Quick plot: Gwendolyn is the only lesbia in the tow.

Anyway when the illage is “ terrorized ” by the Dragon ( a man or beast hiding in the old castle of the tow), their ignorant asses decide to sacrifice their only virgin.

But is it beast or man hiding, and what does he have against the village?

rated it

He is hiding back out in his ruined castle after many years away.The heroine Gwen is 25 and thought to be strange by her family and village because of her ove of science in a time of superstition.

There is one point where Brandon tells Gwen she has incredibly soft skin and she forgets that most fat girls do.

rated it

Soooo terrible some jokes about her sisters!) Hate even more the main ale character!

This world ill be a wors place without the terrible dragon of this book.Thanks.One star ...

rated it

The highlanders were a people who lived happy and joyous until someone in their clan betrayed the Laird to the Englishman named Cumberland.

The so-called Dragon had formed such a fear in the minds of the clan that they kno in their own uperstitions and provided it whatever it demanded to include a thousand ton of gold that was believed given to the treacher of the late Laird.Gwendolyn Wilder is a talente woman lives by her virtue while her three sisters ’ resort to being free with their favors.

Her only downfall was that she ha one of few in the clan that could read the letters of demand left by the Dragon.

Gwen was never one to believe in dragons and anything else absurd for that matter.

rated it

I 'm th BIG fan of Teresa Medeiros' books, I love her work which is why this was s frustrating for me to writ because it frustrated me so much.

What I felt: The nod to the fairytale story of Beauty and Beast.

I found myself getting more agitated then sympathetic to the characters which was n't thi good sign.

I tried eally hard to like main haracters in this and believe the story but I kne they were ery one-dimensional.

Just none of the characters made any sense to me and came off more cartoonish then believable.

rated it

After reading the cover blurb and through Chapter 2, you an pretty much see exactly how the rest of thi ook migh o.

No such luck.Hero is boring, emo, 1-D.

Dumb as rocks sister falls for kind/boring/harmless sidekick.Mostly for plot purposes, villagers transcend idiocy past the point of belief.

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