La regina della casa

A soli ventinove anni Samantha Sweeting è la star di un noto studio legale di Londra. Pochi minuti di una sua consulenza valgono una fortuna. Lavora giorno e notte ed è tutta concentrata sulla carriera. Ma proprio mentre aspetta con ansia di essere nominata socio si accorge di aver commesso un errore che le costerà il posto. Sconvolta, fugge dall'ufficio e si ritrova in aperta campagna con il cuore in tumulto. Chiede informazioni in una splendida casa e per un malinteso viene scambiata dai proprietari per una delle candidate al posto di governante. E viene assunta, senza che i suoi datori sappiano che Samantha è sì una ragazza dal quoziente intellettuale stratosterico, ma non ha la più pallida idea di cosa significhi tenere in ordine una casa ... Dal talento inimitabile di Sophie Kinsella, una nuova e adorabile commedia romantica: la storia di una ragazza che ha bisogno di rallentare. Di trovare se stessa. Di innamorarsi. Di cominciare finalmente a vivere. E di scoprire a cosa serve un ferro da stiro.
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The Undomestic Goddess
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Published January 23rd 2007 by Mondadori (first published July 19th 2005

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rated it

I kno if I wer n't read his right after IGYN ( my favorite nove by her), I ould have given it th full 5/5 stars, but blame Sophie Kinsella for making her books like candy.

rated it

Sam was an incredibl entertainin character to ead about.

In the end Sam has to go anothe look at her life and really figure out what is mportant, and what is n't.

Her humor is fresh, and if you o into his book solely expecting a light-hearted, fun read I think you ill enjoy it.Recommended to all of Sohpie Kinsella 's fans, and all chick-lit lovers.

rated it

It 's like as soon as SK decided she 'd placed her characters exactly where she wanted, she lost all interest in finishing their story properly.In addition, Nathaniel woul have played a igger role in thi ook.

Overall, I loved reading The Undomestic Goddess, but I migh have enjoyed it a lot more if there had been more story and less narration.

rated it

She ould never read this ort of book; she is into China Meavile, Dan Simmons and Stephen King.

Overall, it as a prett good read.Characters: 9/10All just hilarious, even the ones I hated had some really cleve lines.

rated it

he tory of a stressed-out lawyer, stripped of her job and accidentally ending up in the unlikely position of a housekeeper for a nouveau riche couple at a country estate, was ery intriguing.

I also bet that she looked into some really excellent scams, and spent a bit of time with some professional housekeepers.

A econd half, once Samantha began to et little bit of control in her life, became quite enjoyable.

Anothe story might be a bit extreme, and there is little reality to how this migh happen.

I as a bit frustrated with thi ending, but it as n't anything major.

rated it

As you ’ d xpect, tal is a sitcom come to life: a work-obsessed attorney loses her job in a dramatic way and then plunges alone into the countryside à la Jane Eyre, only to wind up being taken in as a mai by some nouveau riche couple.

In fact, you ar to imagine the hilarity, because there isn ’ t much written for you.

( “ Oddly ” because they surprise me of Southern caricatures written by someone who didn ’ t remember any actual Southerners and just created people out of stereotypes — like a hick couple who hits it big in the tire business and moves into a mansion but doesn ’ t sa to lose the big hair and get grammar.

How about any ind of attorney you don ’ t thin personally?

implicatio is that nobody cares if a lawyer loses her firm a lot of oney and then becomes a housekeeper; the whole public ignominy angle is too manufactured even for chick lit.

if reality TV exists precisely because so many people do have this desire for public display?

rated it

Thi eroine ( Samantha) was suppose to be an Oxbridge educated lawyer with years of experience in the best law firm in the country, yet somehow she read more like a grade A idiot.

amantha lost her job at her law firm and took a random train to the middle of nowhere, she then knocked on a random house and acted weird and somehow that magically landed her a housekeeper job in a fancy mansion with a millionaire couple.

Yea, because hat seems likely.-Why would Samantha run away from her job?

She worked all her life to e th top tier lawyer so why could n't she g and fight for her career and reputation?

It as all so nonsensical.-For a high flying lawyer Samantha sure was an idiot and a half.

Yet half the time Samantha just stuttered and mumbled and muttered her way through things.

She as supposed to hav th genius lawyer who regularly talked her way through all orts of tricky situations and dealings yet when she confronted Arnold all she was capable of doing was stomping her feet and pouting, she wante othing to efend her reputation, she just talked rubbish.

rated it

I ’ m twenty-nine years old.

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