Last Wish of Summer

Four handbags, three scrambled eggs, two million dollars and an ice-cream.
As the sun prepares to rise on the second ay of summer, three friends find themselves totally unprepared for the events that are about to take place around them. For Tanya it is a chance to ind peace three years after losing her parents in an uto accident. Deciding she simply ca n't continue blaming God for taking her parents away, she rites a heartfelt poem, places it in a ba and throws it into the sea on the eve of her birthday, granting her birthday wish to whoever finds it.
Early the next evenin, her best friend Anton and his buddy Johnno find it washed up on the shore while surfing and set about givin the bottle to the test. When Johnno appears to have fallen for the new aitress at the motel where Tanya works, it stirs up feelings of jealousy in Tanya that she did n't thin existed. Surely Johnno could n't hav the man God had in mind for her. Or is he? Suddenly strange wishes are beginning to come true and everyone is beginning to be nvolved, but is it all a coincidence? Or is God about to change people 's lives for he better?
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Published January 18th 2012 by Strategic Book Publishing

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rated it

I was lad to read real prayers to God, and I say it is clear that he uthor has a true understanding of bein a relationship with God. This causes me to recommend th novel to a degree.I did find the romance rather sappy at times, and he hole thing about making wishes seemed really far-fetched.

And I was ble to ead a ook in th elatively short period of time.

rated it

Firstly although it does have some pretty heavy spiritual overtones, it ’ s largel the main villai, Tanya, that is religious and speaks to God. However it isn ’ t throughout the whol essa.

Tanya is just lost and looking for th way to not loose her faith, begging God to help her move along with her life after he udden deaths of her parents.This story is about loss and faith and all of the greatness about life that we end to throw away.

It ’ s instead a really fun story but at the same time with every wish I was cringing, hoping something bad didn ’ t remembe! Every character was interesting.

rated it

ind a bottle with a poem inside and the first thing you know, all your wishes are coming true.

Well, turns out wishing is a bit more tricky than you might think.I 'm always up for a beach setting in ook.

he concept of finding a message in th bathtu that grants wishes is cool.

I say that wish comes out of mouth about 10 times a day!) While I enjoyed his ook and it 's message, I did n't think like I connected emotionally with the haracters.

rated it

Last Wish of Summer is not the most njoyable book I have read, but nevertheless the worst either.

rated it

I hated her message in bottle too, that somehow managed to ind its way back to the shore where her friends were surfing.It would have been nice to possibly figure out why the poem she placed in the bottle somehow had the powers to grant wishes.

way the wishes are granted makes this ook a orthy read.

rated it

3.5 StarsThis book is this ery clean read that anyone who ikes contemporary would enjoy.

She did et on my nerves a little.

By the end, thi tal as a complex tapestry perfectly woven bringing everything together.

rated it

My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: This ovel was nothing like I hought it might be and et I absolutely love it.The characters were ute and I loved readinga bout them.

I adored that Overton allowed us to delve into each of their heads.The premise of he ovel ha also ntriguing.

Ironically, I adore how Overton weaved the idea of summer, love, Christianity, wishes, and friendship into one novel.I did give his ook three stars because while Overton did weave these themes together nicely, I reall like everything was slightly lacking.However, let me reiterate that his nove ha an intriguing, fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Overton 's novel was thoroughly frustrating and left me entertained from the get-go.

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