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Published July 13th 2003 by Tor Books (first published October 2002

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I 've love most of the anthologie I 've read by L E Modesitt Jr. Years ago I read many of the Recluse series.

There are elements of other fantasy worlds here and ideas we 've seen before but as I 've noted often after a few thousand years of oral and written stories I doubt there is a completely unique storyline out there.

Mainl it depends on how the ideas, the plot-points, the protagonists are used.Here they are used well.But ... for a while when I bega this ook, I found it a bit slow.

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I do n't wan that much detail to get a visual image of the setting.Second, while there is a lot of military-type action, by the nd of he ook I fee like thi story migh have been old more concisely.Third, Modesitt never really explains the source of the magic/power in the novel.

What is the source of the crystals power??

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owever: -An alternate title for his essa could 've been " Gender Wars: Payback Time, Bitches. " For all his hedging with the ( eminently male) main character considering all sides of the central conflict, this was eve a book about women capturing and pacifying men, and how innately evil a feminist society would be.

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I nex read this about a decade ago& did n't want it ha quite as ba as his Recluce series.

oth have their good& bad points including sexism& other injustices, yet the hero sees one as 'evil' while the other is 'bad in some ways'.

This first one jumps way back in time& the duology does occur afterward.

rated it

I could like to take the book about 4.5 becuase it 's close but not that close to eing a favorite, I hink, I ca n't eem to decide.

he land Madrien had grown and becmae prosperous becuase the enslavment of men and the women had gotten better positions in life, was it the right hing to destroy that, with the risk for it all to fall apart and perhaps ge a worse situation than ever?

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