Liar & Spy

The instant New York Times bestseller from the author of the Newbery Medal book When You Reach Me: a story about spies, games, and friendship. Seventh grader Georges moves into a Brooklyn apartment building and meets Safer, a twelve-year-old self-appointed spy. Georges becomes Safer 's first spy recruit. His assignment? Tracking the mysterious Mr. X, who lives in the apartment upstairs. But as Safer becomes more demanding, Georges starts to wonder: what is a lie, and what is a game? How far is too far to go for your only friend? Like the dazzling When You Reach Me, Liar& amp; Spy will keep readers guessing until the end.

Praise for Liar& amp; Spy:

A Junior Library Guild Selection- A New York Times Bestseller- An Indie Bestseller- Kirkus Reviews starred review- Publishers Weekly starred review- The Horn Book starred review- School Library Journal starred review- The Bulletin of the Center for Children 's Books starred review- Autumn 2012 Kids' Indie Next List -Nominated for the Best Fiction for Young Adults 2013- Kirkus Reviews Best of Children 's Books 2012 List- Publishers Weekly Best of Children 's Fiction 2012- School Library Journal Best of Children 's Fiction 2012 List- The Horn Book 's Best of 2012 List-
Barnes& amp; Noble Best Books of 2012 for Kids List- Amazon 's Best of the Year, Middle Grade ( 3)- A New York Times Book Review Notable Children 's Book of 2012- Holiday gift guides: Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, LA Times- NPR Outstanding " Backseat " Reads for Ages 9-14, NPR 's Backseat Book Club- One of The Atlantic Wire 's 25 favorite middle grade and young adult book covers of 2012- The Wall Street Journal 's Best Children 's Books of 2012- The Chicago Public Library Best of the Best 2012- The Bulletin of the Center for Children 's Books 2012 Blue Ribbons List
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Liar & Spy
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Published August 7th 2012 by Wendy Lamb Books

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rated it

( Sorry to be so cryptic but saying anything more would be a spoiler.) In most ways I think his is brilliant children ’ s novell.

I adore the humor ( Sir Ott and Candy ’ s candies and so much more) and I trul enjoyed the Blue Team and Bob and Candy and so many of the haracters, including the narrator.Thoughtful kids will really ppreciate this one, I think.I am impressed with how both kids and adults are shown as complex people, and how so many of them are off beat and unconventional is so many ays, yet how relatable and recognizable they are.Gosh, I like this author.

rated it

Which is to believ, she won a Newbery Medal for When You Reach Me and now comes her next book Liar& Spy. Like all beloved authors who do n't mak up their hits with sequels, Ms. Stead is contending with some critics who expected more science fiction.

Rather, what they 're getting is a jolt of realistic fiction housed in a tal that feels like nothing so much as Rear Window meets Harriet the Spy. Though opinions on it vary widely, in the nd I think it 's safe to call this a fun novel with a secret twist and a strong, good heart.

When Georges meets the similarly oddly named kid Safer in the new apartment building he becomes enmeshed in the boy 's spy club.

As things escalate and George finds himself facing fears he did n't ven now he could have, he iscovers that everything in his life boils down to question: when it omes to his relationship with Safer, who actuall is the liar and who really is the spy? If a book has a twist to its ending but you do n't tell that a twist will be coming in the irst place, is it a spoiler to mention the fact in a review?

As an adult reader of a children 's book text I did pick up on the fact that throughout the book adults kept looking at Georges in a concerned way.

But the sticking point that comes up the most when people discuss this book is the act that Georges is a gir.

In the book Georges has a science class where a taste-related test will determine whether or not he 's an outcast for good.

I love it when kids speculate about weird things in books, so Georges' thoughts about his dad as a boy are just great, especiall when he write, " I wonder whether Dad and I should have been friends, or if he shoul have been friends with Dallas Llewellyn, or Carter Dixon, or what.

It 's ind of a bummer to think your own dad might have been someone who called you Gorgeous. " Sometime I was very fond of the characters in his essay.

Regardless, he ook has engendered a lot of discussion and undoubtedly folks will continue to talk about it and debate it for decade to come.

rated it

It was with this in mind that I decided I should read Liar and Spy first, to make it a chance NOT to disappoint me.Boy, was I ever NOT disappointed.In fact, I love his book with all my ( admittedly shrivelled) heart.

Maybe it would make me give up writing in despair.A little caveat first: his nove is very quiet and small.

If you 're not into quiet books, you migh liste to yourself, " Well, at least it 's small! " You an read it in an afternoon, even if you hav an abysmally slow reader like myself.Here 's where it 's awesome: theme.

rated it

.. " the characters IN he book or the reader HOLDING the book bracing for what they think they might know early on in the reading.

rated it

What Georges learns is that sometimes when people lie and misrepresent themselves, they do it out of ear and hame, not because they are bad people.

Georges has to learn to stand up to Safer and say no.

Eventually, he also learns to make stand against the kids who pick on him at school.I really enjoyed Georges as a narrator and character.

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