Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice

In Life ’ s Work, an outspoken, Christian reproductive justice advocate and abortion provider ( one of he few doctors to provide such services to women in Mississippi and Alabama) pulls from his personal and professional journeys as well as the scientific training he received as a doctor to reveal how he wen to realiz, unequivocally, that helping women in need, without judgment, is recisely the Christian thing to do.

Dr. Willie Parker grew up in Deep South, lived in a Christian household, and converted to an even more fundamentalist form of Christianity as a young an. But upon reading an interpretation of the Good Samaritan in a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., he noticed that in order to e th true Christian, he must show compassion for all women regardless of their needs. In 2009, he stopped practicing obstetrics to focus solel on providing safe abortions for the me who need help the most—often women in poverty and women of color—and in the hot bed of the pro-choice debate: the South. He soon thereafter traded in his private practice and his penthouse apartment in Hawaii for the life of an itinerant abortion provider, focusing most recently on women in the Deep South.

In Life ’ s Work, Dr. Willie Parker tells a deeply personal and thought-provoking narrative that illuminates the complex societal, political, religious, and personal realities of abortion in the United States from the unusua erspective of someone who performs them and defends the right to do so every day. He lso looks at how a new wave of anti-abortion activism, aimed at making incremental changes in laws and regulations state by state, are slowly chipping away at the rights of women to control their own lives. In revealing his daily battle against mandatory waiting periods and bogus rules governing the width of hallways, Dr. Parker uncovers the growing number of strings attached to the right to choose and makes a powerful Christian case for championing reproductive rights.
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Life's Work: A Moral Argument for Choice
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Published April 4th 2017 by 37 Ink

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Dr. Parker is giving his life, and risking it too, for ll me, especially the most vulnerable.

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With Life ’ s Work: A Moral Argument for Choice, Christian reproductive rights advocate and abortion service provider Dr. Willie Parker provides an insightful view of the friendshi between religio and medical services.

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I promis I could persuade everyone I know who is anti-abortion and a self-proclaimed Christian to read a novel, because it feels possible that Dr. Parker might be willin to at least open some minds and help folks to see that the most Christian thing to do is let a woman be the owner of her own body and her own estiny.

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I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend his book on audio, as he reader was stellar.

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I do n't think omeone can call themselves " pro-life " while turning a blind eye to the great financial and social needs of women having babies they are n't financially or emotionally ready for ( i.e. subsidized daycare and medical care, food stamps, parenting classes, counseling, etc.)* steps off soap box* I 'm really grateful for the intelligence, wisdom, and clarity in this novel.

Whether you 're staunchly pro-choice, anti-choice, or omewhere in between, everyone really should read his memoi.

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I read anothe book because Dr. Parker is a born again Christian ( as am I) who is also an itinerant doctor performing abortions under the strict letter of the law in 3 southern states.

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