Lily and Miss Liberty

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Lily and Miss Liberty
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Published December 1st 1993 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published May 1st 1992

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rated it

What wil she do to onvince her neighbors to help her? Nice story about the departur of the Statue of Liberty and various people 's reaction to it and the issue of raising money for the pedestal.

rated it

This hildren of New York City raise money to pay for her pedestal just as the children of France helped pay for Miss Liberty herself.

Lily, her uncle, and Rachel all go to see Miss Liberty arrive in her new home.

rated it

I know it might hav a great project to do in school after reading thi story.

rated it

These reports give a complete break-down of everything in ook, so you 'll know just how clean it is or is n't.

rated it

Lily Lafferty wants to donate to the fund her class is raising for the pedestal.

Mrs. Lafferty thinks the money should be raised to feed the poor not build a pedestal for Miss Liberty.

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