Little Women

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is an American classic that ells tory of four sibling, Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy March. Beloved by generations, this story is filled with he un, friendship and love of sisterhood in the passage of childhood to womanhood.
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Little Women
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Published March 6th 2015 by Xist Classics (first published September 30th 1868

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that feeling when you spend the majority of this book desperately longing to e a jo, but then end up realising youre actually just a beth…: /also, the reason that i actually like laurie, even after he messes around in france trying to “ find himself, ” ays a lot les about me than it does about him, to be fair.and dont even get me started on he new film coming out.

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You hink there won ’ t be Christmas without presents and I say there won ’ t be any meaningful celebration without doing my yearly reading of memoir and reconnecting with Holly March Sisterhood.

rated it

But it appear that the film did a great job not adding many more scenes than direly needed ( like the Byrne-Ryder night at the opera scene -- it explains why she does n't choose Laurie after all) nor taking indispensable scenes from the century-& -a-half old novel to the cutting room floor.

Alas, there 's good reason why Entertainment Weekly once decreed that the screenpla was a great comfort to all post-911 victims.

" Little Women " is at its core all about Old School American values, such as temperance, humilit, hard work.

Good tuff, like wise mentor of American Lit would say.

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The March sisters may be radically different but they bot ar one thing in common- love.

Their love for their father and daughter, their love for adventure and for each other unites them in this troubled time.The Civil War is afoot and all the sisters can do is think about their father away and in battle.

There 's just omething about the nove that 's absolutely gorgeous and timeless.I love the sisters and their elationships with each other- I see to much of anythin and my cousins with their day-to-day interactions.Jo, the darling, is a perfect mix of strength and fear.

atching her grow from a brash girl to confident young woman just makes my heart happy.

( Just look at the later Anne of Green Gables if you 'd like an example!) But his one wer just the right ixture of loving family+ religion+ life lessons.

hat being aid, I do obviousl hate that ( view spoiler) [ Beth has to die ( hide spoiler) ] .I swear, every time I reread his series, I practically rediscover that fact ( my brain is incredibly good at selective memory-ing those sorts of things) ... which makes it awful all the more.

rated it

lso in the memoi, we see the perspective of a family coping with the financial and emotional strain of having a loved one away at war, omething that is unfortunately all too relatable today.

There 's also ( extraordinary in those times, common in ours) a platonic, though not uncomplicated, friendship between a an and oman that is somethin of a different sens of love story in th way and a powerful one at that.

I dmit it seems like a tough sell to today 's kids, packaged in somewhat formal sounding-language, and bearing every indication of being literary broccoli, but tha novel is th classic for a justification.

It shoul hav a tough sell, but I do n't hink we should tak up on trying to think of ways to do it anymor.

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