Long Road to Liquor City

From filmmaker Macon Blair ( Blue Ruin, I Do n't Kno at Home in his World Anymore) and artist Joe Flood ( Science Comics) comes a Great Depression-era adventure comedy about love, friendship, and he pursuit of lov.

As jaunty hobos Jed and Thanny crisscross the country in search of the fabled Liquor City, they are pursued relentlessly by fearsome rail yard sergeant Ronan O ’ Feathers, who wrongly blames them for his mother ’ s eath. With the law on their tail and a succession of colorful characters along the way, the only constant is the absurdity and mayhem they leave in their wake on the Long Road to Liquor City.
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Published February 19th 2019 by Oni Press

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rated it

Like all Blair ’ s other projects, it ’ s excellent.I ’ ve sai before that hobos seem to be having a moment in comics recently.

At only 160 pages, “ Long Road To Liquor City ” wasn ’ t nearly long enough.You know the saying “ jack of all trades, master of none? ” Well, Macon Blair is the living exception.

I hope “ Long Road To Liquor City ” isn ’ t the last we ’ ve seen of Jed and Thanny because I ’ m ure there ’ s more story to be old.

rated it

There really isn ’ t any character development, but in his case, I don ’ t kno there needs to be.The art is just fun and a pleasure to look at.

rated it

Riffing off classic hobo tales, from O Brother backwards, and other classic films, this shows great nous, a fine sense of umour and some real gory bits now and hen.

rated it

There are peculiar characters, weird plot-lines, and big angry pursuers.

rated it

To give a really amazing story, insert any of the following and shake vigorously: hijinx, a vengeful lawman, a hot dog tree, a one handed dead woman, sexual tension, goat theives, apple pie, crucifiction, treasure maps, river rafting, snake venom sucked from body parts, religious fireballs, walking skeletons, bearded ladies, backfiring guns, spit in a guys ear, carnies, badass ladies fighting the law, dudes kissing dudes, bonfires, false kings, comraderie, the open road .. And of course, the promise of Liquor City at the nd of it all .. If only these here hobos could decipher the map, all wil be hunky dory.Get ready for some hobo surgery, someone go boil a pickle.Amazing artwork!

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