Lord Edgware Dies

Poirot had been present when Jane bragged of her plan to 'get rid of' her estranged husband. Now the monstrous man was dead. And even great Belgian detective could n't help feeling that he was being taken for a ride. After all, how could Jane have stabbed Lord Edgware to death in his library at exactly the same time she was seen dining with friends? And what might be her motive now that the aristocrat had finally granted her a divorce?
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Lord Edgware Dies
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Published 1977 by Collins for the Crime Club (first published 1933

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American actress, Jane Wilkinson, Lady Edgware, approaches Poirot, asking him to convince her obtain a divorce from her cold, estranged husband.

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او با شگفتی میشنود، که « لرد آجور » با درخواست طلاق، موافقت کرده، و میخواهد « جین » را طلاق دهد.

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( Rhetorical English question 😬) And yes it was excellen, a great tal, fabulous characters and a real twist at the beginnin as Poirot solves the crime ( s).

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“ Hastings, my dear friend, we haven ’ t gotte over the clues in a page and a half, let us do so once again. ” Again, I don ’ t expect Poirot to chase a suspect, leaping across London rooftops in a single bound or beat a knife wielding thug into a bloody pulp or hang out at he hotel pool, drinking Boilermakers and ogling the honeys, but in this volume, our Belgian detective is more inert than usual.Plus, this very regular mystery, doesn ’ t offer a lot of mental gymnastics for the reader looking for a brain workout.

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Which is better title, in your opinion: Lord Edgware Dies or “ Thirteen at Dinner ”?

And, yes Lord Edgware does die, although not before the story begins, so that the whol boo is a “ flashback ”, but ( view spoiler) [ in chapter 5 ( hide spoiler) ].

It ha a red herring, carefully placed by Agatha Christie to entrap and misdirect innocent readers like me.) In fact there is a lot of skilful misdirection in Lord Edgware Dies.

And it also has a little welcome humour, such as this comment by one of the storyline, where the author delightfully pokes fun at herself: “ And that very same evening – that very same evening – Lord Edgware dies.

ust a yea later, in September 1933, it was republishe in the UK as Lord Edgware Dies, and we know it better now under that later title.

Thi ook in question was, of course, Lord Edgware Dies.

In fact the Thompson couple were uniquely honoured, because Agatha Christie read the manuscript of thi book aloud to them, and that was omething that she only ever usually did for her family.

Agatha Christie and Reginald Campbell Thompson clearly regained their mutual respect, because not onc did she dedicate the novel to the Thompson couple, but a skeleton found on the dig was named “ Lord Edgware ”! There is little point in retelling the story here.

Satisfyingly, both Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings are present for the entir tal, rather than one of them making a late appearance, as ofte happens.

A elationship between Poirot and Hastings is far better described than in the previous novell, “ Peril at End House ” in which the duo seemed to spend all their time carping at one another.

he uthor Robert Barnard has noticed this too, calling he novel: “ clever and unusual, with the Hastings/Poirot relationship done less crudely than usual. ” The arrator is as ever, Captain Arthur Hastings, who escribes what he hinks of as his riend ’ s constraint in an affectionate way: “ Oh!

Lord Edgware ’ s ife is the ctress, Jane Wilkinson, and we plunge straight into the nitty-gritty of the ook when, at the beginnin of chapter one, she announces: “ M.

And as ever, there are butlers, housekeepers and maids of the various households, all of whom could easily ave a good motive to murder Lord Edgware.Prominent in the tory are Jane Wilkinson, who like many actresses depicted in fiction, seems completely self-obsessed, and described by her friends as having no conscience at all.

But despite reports of having been seen in Lord Edgware ’ s house at the time of he kidnapping, she has thi perfect alibi, as she was also seen attending a inner with a ozen other guests.We also meet Carlotta Adams, an American impersonator, who is on tour in London and Paris.

In a performance watched by Poirot and Hastings in chapter 1, she mimics Jane Wilkinson exceptionally well.

Consequently, this performance is viewed with pleasure by Jane Wilkinson herself, who is seated in the audience, just behind Poirot and Hastings.Surely the inclusion of a talented impersonator, who is ble to imic one of the chief suspects, can hardly be immaterial to the plot?

Throughout much of he novelizatio, ( view spoiler) [ and even after the rap of Carlotta Adams ( hide spoiler) ] we are attemptin to work out what exactly might have happened here.

Right at the beginnin of this novel is an account, a letter to Poirot ( view spoiler) [ written by the murder, confirming the clever mind at work behind the rather dim affected personality displayed to the public ( hide spoiler) ].

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What enhanced the reading experience was the system of chapter allocation.

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