Los crímenes de Cater Street

Primer libro de la serie del Inspector Thomas Pitt. Este es un discreto policía londinense destinado a desentrañas, en plena época victoriana, los crímenes engendrados por una sociedad reprimida e hipócrita. En esta ocasión, un barrio de clase acomodada se ve sacudido por un sanguinario asesino. Las víctimas son siempre mujeres jóvenes y aparecen brutalmente estranguladas. En su investigación, Pitt encuentra el apoyo de Charlotte Ellison, una encantadora muchacha disconforme con las rígidas actitudes de su clase social.
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The Cater Street Hangman
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Published April 7th 2003 by Debolsillo (first published 1979

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rated it

What I hought I was getting: ( i.e. the ynopsis on Goodreads) Careless of both murder and manners, Charlotte Ellison and her stepdaughter, two determinedly unconventional young women, ignore Victorian mores and actively join the police nvestigation, led by young Inspector Thomas Pitt, into the urder of their servant girl.What I actually got: Charlotte: " Oh my!

Me are down-trodden! " Then there is the back of my copy of tha ook which adds: " But it was not panic beating in the heart of pretty Charlotte Ellison.

Bleh.The romance is mainly Charlotte crushing on her brother-in-law at the end until, for no obviou reason, she decides 'That vulgar policeman ... he might do!

rated it

Her goal was to avoid any cause for upset and she was expected to fee the other way when necessary.Charlotte Ellison was a product of the times.

One of Ms. Perry 's main purposes was to set up the background and introduce characters.

Charlotte was not the most likable heroine for the brunt of the retellin.

She said she ha in love with someone that was unattainable.

I wondered, more than nce, why was Thomas fascinated with her?

rated it

She matured a lot over the course of his memoir, and I wondere how her feelings evolved for Thomas Pitt and how they changed from where they were initially.

But I think that his series of urders is really more of a catalyst for the exploration of characters in a family and an examination of their individual roles in this microcosmic society of their family and the people they interact with in their periphery.Anne Perry seems to know Victorian society.

Through the eyes of Carolyn and Sarah, we learn what it 's like to be we to the woma who we must spend our lives with and take care of, be the perfect wives to, and hope that they take their marriage vows as seriously as we o.

Charlotte is the next oldest daughter who has ofte felt alienated from society and who has been in love with her daughter 's husband for everal ears, but is unable and unwilling to act upon those feelings.As you can see, there is built-in complexity to this trilog, despite the subtle presentation.

His ove and appreciation for Charlotte made me like her more as a person.

I knew that Thomas Pitt showed great insight into the other haracters that helped Charlotte to get past her emotional involvement with her family and societal counterparts and at the same time to trust her instincts about human nature as well.

It ad some insights to offer th reader, but it lacked characters that I ould feel for, with the exception of Thomas and Charlotte, and to lesser degree, Carolyn and Sarah.

I felt horribl for those girls who were urdered, and I ish that more of the storyline in a nove were able to eel the wrongness and the waste of young life for reasons that were quite disturbing with the final reveal in this ovel.

he whole structure of his novel points to the ssues of Victorian society in which racis is a facade for dark decay and the deep dysfunction that was integral to its institution.I 'd give his book 3.5/5.0 stars.

rated it

Her novels end with a thud; exciting but I wil love to penetrat the adventure.

public record is for you, my ‘ Love! ’ Charlotte is forward-thinking; immediately likeable as well as relatable.

He scrapes together enough clues to ake a few connections with her family in particular, warranting repeated visits to them and all neighbours.

rated it

One thing I do emember: I loved reading this series.When I decided to fill in the gaps, I oticed that I ad never read# 2 through and including# 5.

At thi same time, her daughter ( especially) admires this daughter who doesn ’ t hesitate to hide her emotions and speaks her mind – possibly because that is what she would prefer to do herself.We meet the rest of Charlotte ’ s family in this ovel as well.

Inspector Thomas Pitt meets the family – and Charlotte – when one of their young maids becomes a victim.Anne Perry is a masterfu storyteller and guess what?

rated it

I oved thi little romance between Charlotte and her policeman and the ending was unexpected but sweet.Anne Perry has written literally thousand of books yet this is first that I have read.

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