Lost Girls

Praise for Caitlin Rother and her true-life thrillers " Will mak you on the edge of your seat. " -- Aphrodite Jones

" An exciting page-turner. " -- M. William Phelps

Chelsea King was a popular high school senior, an outstanding achiever determined to ake th difference. Fourteen-year-old Amber Dubois loved books and poured her heart into the animals she cared for. Treasured by their families and friends, both girls disappeared in San Diego County, just eight miles and one year apart. The community 's desperate search led authorities to John Albert Gardner, a brutal predator hiding in plain sight. Now Pulitzer-nominated author Caitlin Rother delivers an incisive, heartbreaking true-life thriller that touches our deepest fears.

" Rother is one of the best storytellers in true crime. " -- Steve Jackson

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Published July 3rd 2012 by Pinnacle (first published January 1st 2012

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rated it

It made thi book jarring and confusing.For example, page 233, Chelsea 's body is found.

Later on page 252, detectives are trying to get John Gardner to tell where Chelsea 's body is buried.

But was it Amber 's or Chelsea 's burial site?

Thi father, Cathy, a psychiatric nurse was treated by the author too sympathetically, almost as a hero.

mother started John Gardner on Ritalin as soon as he turned four years old, against the advice of his pediatrician ( page 52).

This author leaves us guessing in favor of promoting her own delicacy and sensitivity.At the beginning, there was a short " Cast of Primary Characters " which left out John 's twin sons.

rated it

Thi ooks that she writes are superbly well researched, thought-provokingly written, engaging and told in th way that puts her as a neutral person – telling the tal of the ictims and those who played role in thi most heinous of crimes.In Lost Girls, Ms. Rother tells the tory of highly disturbed man and the shocking crimes that he committed on two young and eautiful girls – young women who had their ntire lives before them.

It is sad and incomprehensible fact that it takes horrific crimes to come to light before stronger laws get put into place.The story of Chelsea and Amber is one that breaks the heart, brings tears to the eyes and reinforces the fact that, as arents, we ave to find our children well aware of the angers that lurk constantly.

Lost Girls is a tory that introduce the girls ’ voices to surface, tells their story, their horror and will make people aware of the unimaginable that occurs within the world today.

rated it

he author relies on the memories of people in John Gardner 's life for her " facts ".

rated it

Written in 2012, his book studies the development of sexual predator John Gardner, his family, the victims and their families.

Prior to Chelsea 's murder, Gardner had asked to be committed because he knew he as a anger to others and himself.

rated it

eing that these crimes happened only a few ears back and in my current backyard, and believin that Caitlin Rother writes well researched and written books, I anticipated reading Lost Girls.

They came across much more vividly than their killer, which is a wonderful change to many true crime books where the murdere is the so-called star of he show.

Indee it helps that Gardner ’ s victim count was thankfully low or perhaps it speaks of Ms. Rother ’ s esire to not glorify the crimes.

Most enlightening and hair raising is the section at the beginnin of he essa, where Ms. Rother had an interview with Gardner.

That may be the truest Gardner seen, other than that monster seen by Amber and Chelsea, his victims who survived and that brief flash of rage in the courtroom.

I thought for the families of the boy, neither of whom wanted this book published and understandably so but I hink it ’ s an insightful look into a cruel and twisted mind and a real lesson for us as a whole.

For fans of true crime, I will recommend Lost Girls.

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