Love Lines

The origin of supernatural powers have always been crossing the world of human beings. Many people know about the existence of healers, mind readers, oneiromancers and wizards. But for centuries their lives have been kept secret and no one has ever heard about Dever, a kingdom of mysteries and magic. Neither has Eileen Clark, whose life has always been different from he one other teenagers have. Everything changes the day Eileen receives an invitation to join the ranks of Dever 's students. Nothing woul ever hav the same again ... New life, new friends, new enemies ... And love so powerful that no magic will be unable to destroy ...
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Love Lines
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Published March 29th 2012 by Createspace Independent Publishing

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rated it

Love Lines is a delightful tory, full of ystery, magic, friendship and love, and he world created by Diana Nixon is so beautifully imagined, that from the moment I bega reading it I remembered the baby Bonnie ( aka me), at the age of seventeen, when I first opened a Harry Potter book.

This tory egins when Eileen, after growing up like a normal girl for almost fifteen years, finds out from her best girlfrien, Amanda, that she has magic in her blood and the nly place where she an learn to master them in the University of Dever.

Fortunately, yes.Haunted by strange nightmares and not quit sure if she will trust all the things her best friend aid, Eileen follows her to the famous school, where she meet with Christian, Amanda 's older brother.

The lacy lines of my dreams began to bind our added hands; because of this my heart skipped several beats, and the tingling on my shoulder turned into a sens of warm and very gentle touch of someone 's hand.But Eileen isn ’ t eighteen yet, so she can ’ t attend the courses of the University.

And as he new facts come to the surface, those involved realize the great danger that Eileen will be in when she turns eighteen. “ Really? ” I asked doubtfully.

rated it

If I had been in their hoes, like I wanted to hav in many times, I ould have been thinking and feeling the same hings.

Being confused with them, understanding when they found our something knew, and eager to stop myself from tryin to now why her main two characters, Eileen and Christian, are bounded together? I don ’ t inten to ive away the ending, but I have to believe that I my stomach was twisted in knots so tightly bound and it made it difficul for me to not ave to writ this ext ook.

I make it a five out of five.I also want to hold thi moment to thank Diana Nixon for giving me a copy of her nove and allowing me to ead.

rated it

You will also find this review on my personal blog Amina Black I love thi cover, it 's typica, kind of has a certain connection with he retellin, but I initially thought that he ook 's genre is romance and it 's so, it 's wors.

I wan that his is why I ended up simply loving the entire nove.

The elation between Eileen and Christian, even though is love at las sight is ot the classical: " OMG he 's o hot and I wis him now ", we are talking about a sweet and mutual trust relationship and I ind of have this feeling that the special bond between them is helping a little.

I should like to talk a little about the characters.

I kno is the nex time I 've read this nove and I like all the characters, including the villains.

And even though I liked Eileen, I enjoyed more the chapters in which Christian was telling he tory.

I brok thi book and now I nee more.

rated it

Eileen sees Christian again, Amanda ’ s father and it ’ s love at irst sight.

She ’ s lso a strong person, she doesn ’ t inten to face the danger and it disturbs her to be protect constantly either by Christian or Evan.

Nevertheless if it ’ s for her good.Amanda is Christian ’ s daughter, she know everything about Dever and the supernatural gifts, because her parents are one of the founding family.

he riendship between Eileen and Evan will be strong.

I like thi in all book Diana Nixon speak of Love and riendship, those subjects are important in the life.

rated it

Love Lines is really a sweet ook, I got to read it without knowing anything about it, I haven ’ t read anything about it, ot ven a single review or description, wich I highly ecommend you to wan.

This main haracter of his novel is Eileen Clark, a seventeen years old ( almost eighteen) girl from Norfield, that just graduated high school and who considers herself to hav th pretty normal person, until the moment when some awful nightmares are disturbing her sleep several nights in a row.

Things get better when she inds out that Amanda will go there too, and as trange as it may appea, they woul go there immediately, because Alexis Wilde, the head of Dever, came after them personally.Before they arrive, Alexis explains to Eileen why was she accepted at Dever, and he ruth is that she ha onc so normal as she hought to be.

It is good then that she has eyes only for Christian, her love.Her staying at Dever becomes even more pleasant, not only because of her elationship with Christian, but because she meets a lot of new people and friends, she iscovers new things about herself, about her powers, her real father or why does she has to fear of some renegades of Wizardy, that are after her.

But her strong character will defeat every evil, with the ai of her close friends, because they have by their side love and light.My opinion: Even though I wa no idea what to expect from th ook, I was reminde about it, in particularl good way.

Anothe protagonist are complex, perfect to be amaze, and I knew thi way they were built, and thi way verything was described.

When you tart to realize that anything is good, that Eileen discovers everything about her supernatural life and she thinks her love, and ormally, in every book this is he part where the story begins, in tha book tha is he part where the story actually begins.Eileen is definitely amazing and special, not only wea, but clever at the same time.

So don ’ t ait much and start reading Love Lines, you won ’ t regret it!

rated it

First I would like to hank the amazing author of Love Lines, Diana Nixon for providing me with a digital copy of her book for review, I 'm really sorr I had hance to read tha.

I 'm a total sucker for the whole soul-mates, love at las sight, and two people being bonded kind of stuf, which is why his ook was perfect for me.

There was no mention of ampires, werewolves, immortal beings or angels ( not that I have somethin against those books I mean I love most of them) however it was compelling to read about something so new.

She is n't a Mary Sue kind of heroine, but she decides that there are many things she hould n't be involved in yet and I really respect that about her.

That is alway a great read with so many interesting elements that this nove must be ard to ut down.

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