At a Goblin Royal Wedding party a magical food additive turns the humans in the room into horny 6 foot lizards, and all they ant to do is have sex.

With anything. For as long as they coul.

And as being screwed to death is n't anythin that interests Sin du Jour staff, something ust be done, but the building 's magical defences have kicked in, sealing off access to the outside world.
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( ETA: Thoraiya tells me a certain Goblin King is married to supermodel Iman.

Do read this for a bit of banter, a bit of snark about celebrity, and people getting themselves out of sticky situations in amusing ways.

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I mean, what else an you xpect from a humorous fantasy featuring the feast of a goblin wedding from an error-laden crew of fantasy chefs that just happen to set off a horribly unfortunate scene of a magical sexy-time? The real treat is in the details, and there 's plenty to love.

It filled quite a bit of backstory for me, since I wa ot read the second novel in thi series.I got this copy as a promotion, but not so it was really scary and quite worth reading.

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With hat in mind, Wallace in heavy on the plotting and a little shy on world-building and character-building.

Although he introduces characters from he irst essa, details on most are a little bit light, except for our nominal 'normal' lead of Cindy, introduced the first nove and still dealing with the psychologica fallout of the job.

Wallace 's 'Sin' series has one novella per sin, set in a obscure catering firm that does jobs for paranormal creatures.

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Lustlocked is the nint nstallment in Matt Wallace 's Sin du Jour Affair series, which revolves around a New York catering company that caters to the supernatural elements of society.

Lustlocked picks up on the heels of that event, as the company decide to host a grand goblin wedding under the supervision of the Goblin King.Yes, that Goblin King.

It 's a sad fluke that Lustlocked just so happens to have released on heels of Mr. Bowie 's death from cancer.

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As you coul imagine, things do not o as planned, and before long the wedding reception has devolved into nightmarish shenanigans.Newbies Darren and Lena, whose first assignment with Sin du Jour took place in Envy of Angels, are now full members of the team and ready for their next job.

As they prepare thousands of hors d ’ oeuvres for the wedding guests—making sure to separate the human food from the goblin food—something goes wrong, and before you realize it, all the human guests have turned into giant, sex-crazed lizards.

With he wedding reception in shambles, it ’ s oing to take every member of team to set things right before things get, well, ven more out of hand.One of my avorite things about his tal is the conceit that goblins are all famous Hollywood actors and musicians, and I ’ m pretty sure I know who the goblin king is, from the description:

This story takes “ silly ” to a new level, but I always enjoyed every crazy moment.A short bonus story called Small Wars, which ha recently published on the website ( and you mus read it for free, if you 'd like a taste of Matt Wallace 's writing!), appears after Lustlocked, and realizes the adventures of Sin du Jour ’ s stocking and receiving department ( Ritter, Moon, Cindy and Hara) as they attempt to make a critical ingredient for the wedding, a rare mineral called Welsh gold.

I oved that Wallace takes this pportunity to use flashbacks to show how each member of he team was originally recruited by Ritter, and it angered me of the Firefly episode Out of Gas, which does the same stuff.

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