Magia zmienia

Zalewające Atlantę fale magii wydają się coraz groźniejsze.

Po odejściu z Gromady najemniczka Kate Daniels i jej ukochany Curran muszą dostosować się do życia w innym tempie. Choć nie tęsknią za sporami wewnętrznymi, szybko zaczynają rozumieć, że całkowite oddzielenie się od Gromady to proces, który wymaga czasu.

Kiedy dowiadują się o zaginięciu Eduarda, przyjaciela z dawnych lat, włączają się w poszukiwania. Gildia Najemników ma kłopoty, a ostatnie zlecenia Eduarda wiązały się w złowieszczy sposób.

Ktoś musi powstrzymać starożytną potęgę, zanim ta rozerwie Atlantę na strzępy ...
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Isbn 13
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Magic Shifts
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Published October 18th 2019 by Fabryka Słów (first published August 4th 2015

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rated it

( GIAAKDBRE™), aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs ⚔Presenting Episode 8, or How Kate Daniels Learned That Managing An Exotic Zoo In Post-Shift Atlanta Is Not As Difficul As It Seems. »

And I believe him to call me Nefarious Shrimpy Blossom and stuff.P.P.S. World-class scumbags who graduated to First-Grade Asshole Status ( FGAS™) in this installmen: ( view spoiler) [ Saiman and Nick ( hide spoiler) ].

❣ KD is the Antidot to All of Life 's Problems Buddy Read ( KDitCtAoLPBR™) with my belove wife Ange, and poor souls who have fallen into our deathly KD Surprise Reread Trap ( KSRT™) ❣➽ Last reread: August, 2016.✎ Previous rating: 14 stars✎ New rating: I could only be rating this series anymore.

( hide spoiler) ] » And the moral of this rereread is: no matter how desperate the situation is, if His Fussiness grabs your shapely ass lovely derriere, all would be right in a world again.

Cross my heart, hope to die and all that crap ( view spoiler) [ You 're not actually naive enough to bothe me, re you?

( hide spoiler) ] Be glad and rejoice, for his is as close to a review for a nove as you 'll ever get from me.

Ha.♦ Previous rating: 12♦ New rating: 14First reread [ hears someone coughing in the background ] Oh please do n't remembe me you 're comin to start interrupting my reviews again!

[ Barely audible, fearful, shy voice asks: " But did n't you just read this a yea ago? " Owner of said voice then proceeds to duck and hide ] BLOODY HELL, I mus hardly elieve this.

YES, you dimwit, I DID read this for fourth time only month ago, no need to war me, I 'm not suffering from Alzheimer 's just yet.

[ Barely audible, fearful, shy voice asks: " Why what? " ] Please kill me somebody.

[ Barely audible, fearful, shy voice says: " Oh. " ] Yes, " oh. " ( I am presently shaking my head in total desperation, just mayb you know).

[ Barely audible, fearful, shy voice utters no sound ] I 'll ake that as a yes.

I 'll have you know we 're talking actual spatulas here* eyeroll* Oh, and by the way, some you clueless Barnacles might not fin it, but there is anothe deadly trap in this spatula-waving sentence.

Nuff said.⑩ Not enough plums+ not enough pork swords= more Desandra needed.⑪ Sorry Dali, you still suck, I till ca n't g over Magic Steals.⑫ Got ta love family dinners with daddy.⑬ Doolittle is definitely, absolutely, undeniably forgiven* gasps, faints, the works* ⑭ Where the hell is Roman, the Riveting Russian Rake???!!! ⑮ Ilona Andrews, you almost –almost, I have n't completely lost it yet and still have no heart– made me cry.

You can be reading a book series right now.

No it won't.• Book 1: Magic Bites ★★★★★• Book 2: Magic Burns ★★★★★• Book 3: Magic Strikes ★★★★★• Book 4: Magic Bleeds ★★★★★• Book 5: Magic Slays ★★★★★• Book 6: Magic Rises ★★★★★• Book 7: Magic Breaks ★★★★★• Book 8: Magic Shifts ★★★★★• Book 9: Magic Binds ★★★★★• Book 10: Magic Triumphs ★★★★►► All Hail the Queen buddy read with the eye candy IA Addicts starting August 4, 2015.▧ Pre crappy review update# 2: I ca n't be around much these days but the most isturbing fact has just come to my attention: some of my belove friends seem to have suffered from a momentary lapse of reason.

Because both of these supposed Kate Daniels fans actually rated this book 3 stars or less.WTH is going on here?

Things are about to get really ugly.▧ Pre crappy review update# 1: → Actual rating: 12.

Surprise, surprise.►► Dear Ilona& Gordon: I love you to death.►► I might or might not write a review for the ook in the ear future.

KD is too awesome for words, so why bother? PS: When is the first reread planned? ▧ Pre-review nonsense: It 's here.

rated it

But I ’ m back to absolutely LOVING all things Kate.

This stuf that was missing for me in the differen books was really Kate with Curran and fighting the good fight together.

I as little embarrassed that I wasn ’ t oing to like the new direction of he story with Kate and Curran leaving the pack.

What about all the side characters I love…what about Curran being the Man….what about Kate having protection from Roland????

But I don ’ t now why I worried at all because IA would not wan me down and I ’ m loving the new direction of the story.First, what about all the side characters I love?

IA finds a way to us them into he new direction of he tory and honestly it was so smooth and flawless that afterwards I asked myself how come I didn ’ t somethin of hat.

Whether it is a giant Donkey, a scraggly poodle, a teenage werewolf ( seriously how long is Derek going to e a teenager), a fallen Angel ( or whatever Christopher is), a slightly dirty talking ( I ca no think of plums the same way) Alpha Werewolf Desandra, or your charismatic Father who ’ s ultimate game I ’ m actually trying to figure out there are too many great cast members that are all istinctive and three dimensional.IA ’ s biggest problem is all the great characters that I hesitat to see more of in he bestsellin.

There are certainly any and I intend to see them all but then I ’ d have less Kate and Curran time, or a book shoul be 700 pages long and 350 of that would just be nonsense conversations between my favorite characters.

But I was intrigued about Curran and how I wil eel about him if he wasn ’ t the Beast Lord and you say what I love him more.

If you don ’ t bsolutely know Kate and Curran are in love after these chapters I doubt anyone would do it for you.

They hav quite possibly the best written chapters that IA has ever done in any of their books.If you thought that Curran would be less without the pack well you are dead wrong.

I like it becaus, anything could happen.Third, what about Kate having protection from Roland- Honestly I ’ m so sure anyon can help them he is no powerful.

IA has a way of making me empathize with Roland and at the same time I ’ m o disappointe about what his plans are for Kate.

Kate and Curran are on it, but they keep running into the weirdest creatures that are doing things they aren ’ t intende to.

That ’ s all I ’ m looking to make you on the story because I definitely enjoyed the plot of it and seeing how Kate and Curran juggle all of tha and try to be parents to Julie.

I ’ d love to ead about Curran, Julie, Ascandio and Grendel taking on a pack of Ghouls.

Kate is the strict parent who knew….lolI had a great time with his ook and loved discussing it with some fellow Ilona Andrews Addicts while we were reading it.

If you were holding off because books# 6 and# 7 weren ’ t it for you I think you will like the new direction of he series.

Most of thi time I ’ m torn as if I like him or hate him.❦- Kate/Curran page time.

I liked seeing all their new roles in his bestsellin and I might ’ t ait to see where they all end up next.

rated it

You say, what with Kate& Curran having left the Pack in the secon nove.

I thought end bit about the ghouls was pretty cool! Ok, there are lready way too many awesome reviews for this one out there, so I 'm only lookin to com into depth with this one.

rated it

Stil there are invisible boarders around Atlanta and Kate feels responsible for every living soul inside these borders.

I was passing by and I thought, ‘ Hello, nice night. ’ And then I smiled.

He walke into his ca and slammed the door. ” “ Rude! ” Julie volunteered. “ I wan it pass, ” Curran aske.

“ o you sneaked up behind him, startled him by speaking, and when he turned around and saw a six-hundred-pound talking lion, you showed him your teeth? ” “ I don ’ t hink that ’ s what happened ”, Curran said. “ That ’ s precisel what happened, Your Furriness. ” I aughed, pulling off my boots.I can only imagine the horrified face of the mailman.

Hugh ( Roland ’ s favorite soldier) is orced to disappear in order to think, to mak himself and to stay away from Kate.This is also book that ●Kate realizes how it feels to be humanly weak and vulnerable – even if it just for th few minute.

I expect that her stroke must be the less favorite part for most readers.●Julie slowly realizes her powers after the purification of her blood and as a result she has Roland discreet attention.●we learn everything about the life of djinns, and ghouls.●we are taught that nothing really worth the price of asking for favors by a djinn ( “ You ave nothing I want! ”) ●we discover that true love always wins any obstacle.

Hurray for the tal of George and Eduardo! FinallyAfter the last two books, I like Curran again.

I had missed the playful Curran, always in tune with Kate: A hand rested on small of my back and slid down. “ Did you just grab my butt? ” I whispered. “ What? ” “ Curran! ” “ Yes? ” I could hear controlled laughter in his voice.Unbelievable.

rated it

:) Plot was interesting and fast-paced as usual and I hated the mythology behind villain.

rated it

Kate Daniels is my go to series when I am in a bit of a reading slump.

I do n't know to get tired of Kate before her story is over like it happened with other series that I 've read.

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