Magic Gifts

Dinner date after a hard workday should be heavenly. Of course, dates between the Beast Lord and Kate Daniels don ’ t often go as planned. Undead run amok, heads are chopped off, lawyers are deployed with extreme prejudice, and drunk vikings call people out.

ovella is after Magic Slays, same time as Andrea in Gunmetal Magic, both intersect. Gunmetal Magic bonus.
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Isbn 13
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Magic Gifts
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Published December 1st 2015 by Penguin Publishing Group (first published December 24th 2011

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rated it

In their last attempt of a date, a necklace will strangle a young oman ( one of the necromancers) and her brother may be the next victim.

Guild will need to b new leader since Solomon died and Andrea is meeting Raphael again.

rated it

That ha fun side story involving Kate and Curran working together to olve a few problems involving a life sucking necklace, vampires run amuck, guild wars, Drunken Vikings and trying to b a normal night out.

It as anothe great filler for in-between books as I love the Magic world that has been created.

rated it

I really had one: I was reading he scene with Kate and her sidekicks visiting Vikings.

It has everything: humor, morals, new onsters ( the thin that even Kate backed by the Pack 's heavy-hitters did not ask to fight); the reading time well spent.

rated it

Ghastek, especially, gets a lot of time- and I love getting to know him bit by bit.October 2015 re-read: For being a novella length story about Kate, Ilona Andrews sure did pack a lot of awesomeness into this ook.

Ilona Andrews really could have made money on this ovella, but they gave it away for free on their website for a few weeks.Now I 'm much more excited for the other part of this tal ( Andrea 's part) coming out in Gunmetal Magic.

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Everyone who has read ny of my previous reviews will know how much I adore Kate and Curran so of course I jump at chance of reading any story containing them and Magic Gifts was a fabulous one.Things never seem to go smoothly for our favourite couple, they ardly ever get any peace and quite to spend time together so it wo n't surprise you to hear that their latest attempt at a date is no exception.

I just fall more and more in love with his world and these characters every time I revisit it and his story was brilliant.We have some really sweet and entertainin moments when Kate and Curran attempt to o out on date like a normal couple and then there is plenty of arse kicking when they 're unwilling to reclai anothe life of oung oy in danger.

rated it

5 IA Addiction StarsYou would think that going on a weddin date is easy, but when you are Kate Daniels and the Beast Lord of Atlanta and your first, middle and last name are " Trouble ", a dinner can turn into a deadly affair.

Before you realize it you ar a dead navigator, 2 dead vampires, a kid with a life-sucking necklace around his wais, crazy, drunk vikings and worse of all, politics to deal with.

Who said dating is an easy affair?

To the ity. " Curran and I looked at each other. " He 's attempting to get rid of us, " I joke. " You think he 's planning a coup? " Curran ondered. " I hope no. " I urned to Jim.

rated it

of this particular rererereread is: the Psychotic Consort ( PC™)+ a roaring kitty with a big mouth full of big teeth+ slightly batshit crazy, drunk Vikings+ vampiric skittles+ somewhat epic, kickass fights+ magical axes+ Ghastek Goodness ( GG™)+ badass times at the Guild+ a blue-skinned undead hottie who smells of, um, roses and drinks, um, dark stuff+ Hahaha Times Galore ( HTG™) =Yes, this is me dancing ecstatically.

Magic Gifts is the perfect tie-in to Gunmetal Magic as the events in both books happen at the same time.

I liked reading the scene when Kate goe to the office to find Andrea in her beastkin form.

It ’ s one of my avourite scenes in Gunmetal Magic and it ’ s great to read it with Kate as a narrative voice, it puts th whole new viewpoin.

Poor Kate misses out on the conversation between Andrea& Curran but we don ’ t since the scene is featured in Gunmetal Magic, cool! More great scenes?

I love the magic, the Vikings, Kate& Jim arguing with Curran trying to play referee… “ Enough, " Curran aid.

Oh and I love when Kate uses one of her power words.

he magic pretty much wipes her out every time she uses one but she eems to be getting better at it with each new instalment.I opened my mouth and barked a power word.

rated it

I kno reading novellas in his series is very important because they creat a lot to thi tory.

Ca n't wait to ead he est of this series ( please dont dissapoint me ..)

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