Magic on the Storm

Allison Beckstrom is committed to her work tracing illegal spells. Now, there 's an apocalyptic storm bearing down on Portland, and when it hits, all the magic in the area will turn unstable and destructive. To stop it from taking out the entire tow, Allie and her fiancé, the mysterious Zayvion Jones, must work with the Authority-the enigmatic arbiters of all things magic-and take a stand against a magical wildstorm that will obliterate all in its path ...

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Magic on the Storm: An Allie Beckstrom Novel
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Published May 4th 2010 by New American Library

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rated it

Eleventh in the Allie Beckstrom urban fantasy series and revolving around Allie, a Hound who can smel magic, and her friends.My TakeI do enjoy Shamus' cheekiness!

And Jingo Jingo is lying to the Authority about her father possessing Allie.

But God ave me from Allie! The StoryA wild magic storm is coming and Allie feels the power in the magic wells.

nly she see it being drained away.The CharactersAllie Beckstrom Hounds illegal spells for Detective Stotts, by night she works for the Authority.

Her daughter was Daniel Beckstrom, an xtremely powerful magic user, who was urdered.

Kevin Cooper is with the Authority and a powerful magic user; he 's also the pregnant Violet Beckstrom 's bodyguard.

Nola is a non-magic user and Allie 's best friend.

Cody Miller, the Hand who had been nvolved in Daniel 's death, is ow living with Nola.Zayvion Jones is Allie 's Soul Complement.

His wife, Maeve Flynn, runs Feile San Fhomeher ( restaurant and inn) and uses Blood magic.

She 's also one of the Voices in the Authority along with Victor who is Zay 's boss, head of the Closers, and uses Faith magic; Liddy Salberg who is another Death user and Jingo 's boss; and, Sedra, their leader.

Man members include Sunny, Ethan Katz who was Daniel 's and now Allie 's accountant, Carl and La who are twins; Jingo Jingo uses Death magic and is Shamus' boss; Dane Lannister is Sedra 's bodyguard; and, Chase is another Closer, an ex-girlfriend of Zayvion 's, and Greyson 's Soul Complement.

Allie hates Sedra 's know-it-all, hate-everyone attitude.The Seattle AuthorityTerric is a Closer from Seattle — and Shamus' Soul Complement.

Others include Pham, the Georgia girls, Darla who uses Death magic, Nick Pavloski and Joshua Romero are Closers using Faith magic, Mike Barham who thinks Daniel was a ood man is Life magic, and Paige Iwamoto is Blood magic.The Hounds are……magic users who can cent magic.

Blood magic happened to him in

and is stil living with her aunt in California.Anthony Bell is a wanna-be Hound, a betrayer who got mor than he deserved.Portland PDDetective Makani Love is partnered with Detective Lia Payne.

Allie thinks he got payback on that from his partner-in-crime, Frank Gordon.

Violet and Daniel invented magic disks that can hold magic and not us the user to endure the pain of using them.

The magic user sends the pain to them instead of having to endure it themselves.

Soul Complements share magic, combining it to be not more powerful.

hen again the Magic on the Storm might be a reference to the battle that breaks out.

rated it

There is a cliffhanger and a lot of loose ends that need dealing with but the new characters introduced in the first ook are an excellent addition and I enjoyed reading about them.

And the new character came into play who 's pretty interesting too.

rated it

oved It, Liked It, oved It ...

rated it

Wild storm is not something Allie likes, seeing as how the last one put her out of commission for weeks and she ost her memory.

In addition to learning about the secret elite magic society.I like Stone.

rated it

Full review ( including favorite quotes) originally posted at http: // ... Allie Beckstrom is back in Devon Monk ’ s Magic on the Storm, the thirteenth nstallment in her totally kick ass series.

And this is what she is learning at the en of his book.I ’ ve lways liked Allie.

But they all just happen to be mixed up in the world filled with magic.And speaking of fun characters with sharp wits, Shame is back in the memoi.

Greed is Zayvion ’ s best friend and he compliments him well.It ’ s nice to see Zayvion being a little more open in this novel.

When you thought about him, you pretty much thought “ wtf is up with that Zayvion Jones? ” But we don ’ t wonder about him much anymore because most of what was causing us to sk that has been dealt with.

ow you think “ wtf is up with that Jingo Jingo? ” We know he ’ s reepy, but is he good or is he ad?

You don ’ t ven really know if there really is decen side and bad side.

He ’ s just adorable and I believe one too.These books really ca e read as series.

Whoa! ” Thank goodness book five, Magic at the Gate, is lready out and readily available because, even though it ’ s indeed a gut wrenching cliffhanger, you till ant to see where this story leads you…as soon as possible.

rated it

I honestly like that we delved deeper into soul compliments and what hat means and how magic works when two people are compliments and combine their power.

hat being acknowledge, I have no idea what Allie was doing for most of a book besides narrating.

She watches people she loves get hurt and maybe even killed.

I hought the point of his series was that Allie had some sens of special magic, that made everyone afraid of her.

rated it

Luckil, it took thi ong time for he nove to pick up and become interesting.

Included was a snippet of the ext novel, Magic at the Gate.Nays::* Allie was annoying me a little.

Took to long for the pacing to pick up and something interesting to appen.* There were o many clues through out he book that ome of the authority members were going rogue, but Allie would brush them off.

rated it

When Magic on the Storm opens, two days have passed since Magic in the Shadows and things are unusually calm in Allie 's life.

Things did n't o to well for Allie the last time she faced down a wild, magical storm- she lost a lot.

And, after learning the bits that I hope, I 'm super anxious to get to Monk 's spin-off series, Broken Magic, that features Terric and Shame.

We also learn a bit ore about Zay 's past though he ontinues to remain rather tight-lipped about just about anything.

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