Manifesto Cyborg

Dopo aver tematizzato l'esistenza del cyborg, " creatura della realtà sociale econtemporaneamente della fiction ", il libro suggerisce l'inevitabilità dellasua presenza al centro della riflessione femminista. Si aprono, secondo l'autrice, enormi potenzialità per un femminismo cyborg che tenga conto della precedente riflessione socialista e non faccia leva sulla matrice naturale comeil pensiero delle politiche della differenza. Questa teoria socialfemministavuole conservare una visione globale, che tenga conto della rivoluzione industriale in atto che crea una nuova classe operaia, nuove sessualità e nuoveetnicità, mettendo in radicale discussione il sistema simbolico della famigliadell'uomo.
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A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century
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Published (first published 1985

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In this project I 've read books I like, books I did n't like, books that went on too long, and books that I wish never ended.

Each word in the sentence I knew the meaning of, but when put together, I lost all sense of meaning.

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I see Haraway 's description of the future feminist cyborg body ( or her metaphor of such a hybrid in theory) as upholding certain bodily norms and notions surrounding post-human theory regarding the " technological evolution " of the body.However, I also love her creative reading of gender and technology in this piece of writing.

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Her thesis about celebrating the impossibility of real boundaries and instead wallowing in the blurriness between categories is certainly nteresting, but she ever gives any clear picture of what that might actually look like in practice.

At the beginnin, once I 'd finally read some supplemental material that helped me to make sense of what she was getting at, I found myself regretful at having bothered at all to read it from beginning to end.

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