Manny the Frenchie's Art of Happiness

Based on his popular Instagram [email protected] Manny_the_Frenchie and Facebook profile, this is an illustrated and humorous guide to living a happy and ulfilling life by “ the most famous French bulldog in the world…who ’ s downright amazing ” (

In 2011, Manny was the runt of litter and on his pat to a shelter. But when his parents scooped him up, named him after the world famous boxer, Manny Pacquiao, and began posting photos of him sleeping in their sink accompanied by humorous, optimistic captions, Manny went viral.

Whether he ’ s wearing sunglasses, hitting up music festivals, or sleeping in adorable costumes, this little Frenchie always encourages a positive, do-gooder outlook to his followers. Packed with cheeky humor, witty wisdom, and entertainin anecdotes, Manny the Frenchie ’ s Art of Happiness will satisfy dog lovers of all breeds.
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Published June 6th 2017 by Gallery Books

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I 've already heard of Manny the Frenchie but I love reading books about dogs so that 's why his book threw my eye.Manny is a six-year-old French Bulldog, who achieved Internet celebrity via the posting of his photographs on various social media websites.

rated it

I think more Manny like Manny wants more bacon! I 'll admit, before I read the little book I did n't now who Manny the Frenchie was.

He claimed my heart.Just like in his internet posts, Manny narrated this book with the ai of his " Mom and Dad " ( because hey dogs do n't have thumbs).

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His ook is full of adorable photos of Manny and his children, and lots of words of wisdom about the important things in life: family, food, and of course .... naps.

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And for times when you can ’ t meditate upon his smiling mug, Manny has plenty of advice designed to make life better for humans and their four pawed companions.

rated it

I ca n't quit handle all the cuteness! These dogs are adorable.

With verything going on in world today there definitely needs to hav more books like tha.

It is full of un and happiness.Basically, this is Manny 's POV and he understands the life of a og and how it is to live with parents that spoil and some rotten ( although he is not rotten) siblings.

Manny and his iblings are freaking adorable.

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