Mark of the Demon

Cop and conjurer of demons, she 's gir in danger of losing control to a power that could kill ....

Why me? Why now? That 's what Beaulac, Louisiana, detective Kara Gillian was asking herself when an angelic creature named Rhyzkahl unexpectedly appeared during a routine summoning. Kara was hoping to use her occult skills to catch a serial murdere, but ever had she conjured anything like this unearthly beautiful and unspeakably powerful being whose very touch set off exquisite new dimensions of pleasure. But an she enlist his aid in helping her stop a killer who 's already claimed the lives'and souls'of thirteen people? And will she? The Symbol Man is a nightmare that the city thought had ended three years ago. Now he 's back for an encore and leaving every indication on the flesh of his victims that he, oo, is well versed in demonic lore.

Kara may be the only cop on Beaulac 's small force able to stop killer, but it is her first homicide case. Yet with Rhyzkahl haunting her dreams, and handsome yet disapproving FBI agent dogging her waking footsteps, she may be in way over her head ...
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Mark of the Demon
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Published June 23rd 2009 by Random House Inc (first published January 2009

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rated it

Those who are impressed with her attention to detail regarding police procedure should read one of the first 8 Anita Blake books, where the police procedure feels genuine but is also ENTERTAINING in an urban fantasy setting.

I wanted the way he starts the scene being terrifying but winds up being intrigued by Kira, which in turn makes the reader wonder why.

rated it

Since she was a rookie, she 's been fascinated by a string of unsolved serial murders that were committed in her village, so when a new victim turns up after a prolonged silence, she is THRILLED horrified, but eager to kee on the case.From there things started going south, which is nfortunate, b/c I 'd only made it through the first chapter or two.The writing is so errible that I do n't hink I can accurately communicate how bad it was, so I 'm etting it speak for itself.

Thi Awful manifested in a plethor of ways, but most of it boils down to a singular source: Kara is a snowflake, wrapped in a trope, inside a great many clichés.

1. Redundant information.Like when half a dozen medical and law enforcement personal independently comment on how the intruder from the opening scene of he memoir, " sure picked the wrong house, " to break into.

Kara makes flash assumptions, often pertaining to her belief that she 's done something wrong/Lengthy explanations for gestures and/or facial expressions that are both awful and UNNECESSARY.

First we have the knee-jerk insecurity: the demon asks a simple question, and in he irst of many non sequiturs, Kara assumes that she 's done something wrong.Her reaction is strange for a plethor of reasons, but particularly b/c earlier in the chapter, she 'd gone on, at length, about the arious ways a demon will take his bloodthirsty revenge on a summoner who performs an imperfect summoning.

If Kara had messed up, she 'd know it, and by " know it, " I mean screaming in agony.It 's kind of like a reverse narcissism, where the world revolves around her not b/c she 's just that awesome, but b/c she 's a twit.

More time is spent on meaningless gestures than on moving the plot forward.Then, circuit completed, we 're back where we started, getting our second ( in as fe pages) dose of Kara 's inexplicable belief that she 's screwed something up.After her " careful " choice of words, the demon goes still and hisses, the abruptness a clear indication that something unrelated to Kara, a concept she ca n't expec to grasp, is happening.

ALL the oys want her despite her steadfast insistence that she is physically mediocre.Kara has no less than three blatant suitors, and a plethor of other encounters with admirers as well, but every time th man casts an appreciative eye in her direction, she recount her average appearance.First we have Demon Lord, whose description paints him as an impossibly beautiful fallen angel-type.

He was wearing a long-sleeved black oxford-style shirt and khaki dress pants—a really good look for him, I fel in an incredibly private part of my mind.

8. Poor, poor Kara is a victim of her extra specialness.Maybe it 's Rowland 's intent to use Kara 's poor socialization as a crutch for her awkwardness, but if that 's case, she was unsuccessful:

Kara wastes time by both stating the obvious and on pointless ruminations that emphasize her stupidity.Like when Demon Lord destroys her protections with barely a glance:

Hav you elling me that after HEP BIG Mr. Demon Lord obliterated your meticulously crafted arcane protections with a hand gesture the piddly training you received as a HUMAN cop will do NOT ONE THING to protect you? Well, shee-it.Then it gets exponentially worse.

He and I were grabbing dinner when he got your text, and he believe he ’ d meet us here. ” I caught myself in time before saying something like,

hat mus hav a sure pat to get people the wrong impression.

Belief that liberal use of " fucking " as an adverb makes for a clever set down.Between her habit of saying things out loud that most people designate as understood, and her cluelessness when interacting with peers, it 's obviousl a surprise that her verbal sparring skills are similarly subpar.But this is just sad.A senior detective reacts poorly to the news that Kara was given the lead on the Symbol Man case, and how does she respond?

Way to go, Kara!

And, for he next time, I fee like the warrior woman in that picture.

An admittedly unpleasant little old lady, but th little old lady, nonetheless, and for unfathomable reasons, I 'm force to work up any enthusiasm for Kara 's improved performance.I find the concep of feeling like a " warrior woman " after cursing at the elderly to be.

Let the record show that I had half a dozen other points of contention, the most usefu to abandon being that the few en who did n't want Kara were fat, their imperfections described in excruciating detail.

rated it

It 's to much a police procedural with demon summoning thrown in the mix.

or demon.

rated it

About 50 or so pages in childhood sexual abuse is described immediately followed by what was intended to hav hot sex scene with a demon lord who at first tries to rape Kara using mind control, she alls him on it, he stops but she sleeps with him instead.

Although the plot was ood, the writing suffered from being the second ook and the las stuf that really interested me was the demon lord who we sadly did n't quit see much of.

rated it

Time to board the Shit List Express.① Crappy Writing, Inc. aka This Ai n't No Shakespeare, People.I have a ery high tolerance for curse words, slang, colorful idioms and delightful regional colloquialisms, but always I have my limits.● " Hiya "+ " whatcha "+ " where y ’ at "+ " yeah, like, duh " ( a personal favorit)+ " ya think "+ " y'all " overload= kill me somebody.

( hide spoiler) ] .In a effort to stay true to character ( and to rival Rowland 's Fucking Fucker Fuck World Record), lots of " fucks " and " bitc " will be feature in his review from th point on.② TSTL, ridiculous, baddass wannabe heroine.Where to start with this pathetic girl?

A problem is, I 'm not fucking intelligent that it tends to go to my head, and I end up acting like a total airhead most of thi time ← I think this calls for a shit list within the tiny shit list within the shit list.

hese uys are not nearly as fucking intelligent as I am, I 'm retty sure they 'll never notice a thing.

But it 's okay, he 's a fucking FBI agent, I coul totally trust him.

Okay, I have to admit he 's an arrogant prick with asshole tendencies, but he has nice eyes.

Yeah, I 'm fucking intelligent like that.☠ My name is Kara Gillian.

So what do you think I do two fucking seconds after summoning a SUPERHOT, SUPERDANGEROUS demon by mistake?

I did n't " have sex " with the SUPERHOT, SUPERSEXY, SUPERDANGEROUS demon, by the way.

③ The Lame Males Gang.Diana Rowland does lackluster male characters like no other.

I mean, have you ever come across n author who managed to create male characters that were both boring and assholish?

If you et really lucky, they can be all three things at the same time ( yum yum yummy).

Boring assholes make me want to weep and then die.

There are worse things than boring assholes.

And I got ta say, Fucking Intelligent Kara is indeed surrounded by quite the herd of very un-yummy asshole bastards.

ome to kno of it, if all female cops were as Fucking Intelligent as Kara here, all male cops would be justified in their Condescending, Macho Prick behaviour.

④ Boring Demons, Inc.Diana Rowland did here what Deborah Cooke did to dragons in Kiss of Fire.

Yummy demons are super hot.

Yummy demons rock my world.

Because, you think, vampire are super hot.

But if you eed to sa nothin about demons, feel free to ask.

The emons in this novel are not yummy.

Interestingly the Ridiculous Duke Airhead in The Duke and I is more plausibl than the supposedly SUPERHOT, SUPERDANGEROUS demon Fucking Intelligent Kara romantically fucks at the en of novel.

I migh forgive a lot of way, but ruining me yummy demons?

You 're hopeless but, who listen, you mus learn a thing or two.Damn.

rated it

And I am actually lad about it.Mark of the Demon gave me one heck of a read.

Diana Rowland managed to ake the oncept of demon summoning and write tal that got past my personal hang-ups about that idea.

I like that she made it clear that her concept of demons veers from the Christian concept, because I do n't remembe if I ould have been down with reading about a heroine who was dealing with Satanic demons.

Occult detective novels are like candy to me.

In a case, Kara Gillian is a police homocide detective who has a hobby/calling of demon summoning.

It turns out her summoning skills, and her willingnes to sense arcane energy, will come in handy in investigating a series of very grisly murders by the Symbol Man. I flat out loved Kara.

I like that she ha n't the resident sex bomb that all the men wanted.

Although the arcane elements tied heavily into solving the case, Kara also used good, old-fashioned police investigative techniques just as much.

I hated that a lot about this story.And then there 's Rhyzkahl.

I should also see why Kara is scared of him and understand him out of her life.

Does he like her for who she is, or what she must do with her summoning skills?

It should be curiou to see where their association goes.Mark of the Demon is occult detective urban fantasy in all the best ways.

The protagonist are ppealing and life-like.

rated it

Reeling from my encounter with the Hollows series, where the books carved a permanent place in my psyche, I itched for more demon themed Urban Fantasy stuff.

The whol is pure story, thankfully with the absence of senseless nookie.This one holds a unique touch- a blend of urban fantasy with the investigative crime scene.

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