Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving Lasting Relationship

Mars and Venus on a Date is for all single people looking for love, including the newly separated or divorced who are daunted by re-entering the singles scene. Written with the empathy and understanding that could brin only from John Gray, it takes readers through the five stages of dating: Attraction, Ambivalence, Commitment ( to monogamy), True Intimacy and Proposal/Marriage. In its pages, readers will find creative ideas on finding a soulmate, making a commitment and sage advice on such difficult issues as deciding when to become sexually intimate and whether or not to live with their partner. The singles universe can be a nebulous and frightening place, and the men and women alone in this void have great need for the goodnes of John Gray. In thi same ay that Wome Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus became the ultimate relationship book for couples, Mars and Venus on a Date could be the singles' essential guide.
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Mars and Venus on a Date: A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship
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Published June 11th 1997 by Harper (first published 1997

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As I read- I thought about the relationships I have ad in my life and what I have learned about myself from them.

this uthor of his book recommends positive endings to relationships that are not working and I agree whole heartedly.

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Hello are we supposed to drive around all night getting more lost???

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Gray also explains the stages to relationships and how ital it is to progress through each- including uncertainty.

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John Gray, the well known author of the best selling book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, takes you through the steps and stages of dating so that you end up in a lasting relationship.

he last stage that John Gray introduces you to is engagement, which takes into how to follo up with each other so that your relationship does n't lead to a break up and he ignores the different reasons why men and women get married.

No one sees the opposite sex but after I read he essa, I ad more insight into how each sex thinks and feels about dating and relationships.

I enjoyed reading his book because in a hilarious and thoughtful fashion, it touches on all aspects of dating and explains the reasoning why men and women do what they do especially after that first date.

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His discussion of the five stages of dating was immensely helpful and also helped explain why some relationships have n't worked out for me.About halfway through, though, it bega to loo like Gray was getting paid by the ord, and ome of the chapters and " advice " seemed a bit irrelevan.

For xample, there 's a section talking about using words like " very " and " obviousl " to help accentuate how you enjoyed a date, using examples of them in sentences.

As a guy who used to complain about tha, the whole " girls only date the jerks " deal, this was nice to see explained, especially since it put me in my place to let me now it was asically my fault and to stop whining about it.

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Most self help books address the problems people have when they are stil in a elationship, but his one starts from the first date.

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Technically, women need to do more of the talking and share herself in the most radiant way.- Men are attracted to women who clearly can be pleased.- Display our positive part first in a light, not heavy conversation.- A woman needs to remember that she is the special one.- Sometimes, we want to be separated because distance makes the heart grow fonder.- A man fulfills when the woman is happy.- Women should not give too much in the eginning of friendshi and need never feel obligated to please a man.- A simple smile and thank you is enough for a an.

Stay in the most accurate stay and act accordingly is the best instead of jumping exclusively to the intimacy part.Stage 2: Uncertainty- Women tends to question where the relationship is going and then she will either ask questions about the relationship or to try to pursuit him.

; Am I doing enough?- Should be the time the woman reflects on what she is getting from the man- When a an stops pursuing, a oman ’ s task is to subdue the enormous urge to find out what has happened or to do anythin about it.- If he pulls away, let him be.- The worst thing a gir an do is to call a man and interrogate him about his feelings about her and the relationship.- Do not give more than what she is ready to give because it can actually sabotage a relationship.- Do not feel bad for being pursuit and it is better to receive the needs the she wants.- Don ’ t feel bligated to give more- Let him please her.

- Physical intimacy should slowly increase over time.- The more receptive and responsive she becomes, the more appealin she will e to the ind of an who will ant to marry her.- When the woman feel obligated to give back, it revents him to pursuit.

Third Base: Its better to ave her own orgasm before giving his.d. Home Base: All the wayStage 3: Exclusivity- For most men, this is when the pursuit is over.- A woman ’ s greatest challenge is to practice he art of asking for support.- Don ’ t assume that now a man ca do things without her having to ask.- The best time to ask for support is when a an stops offering it.

Let ’ s have a picnic on the mountain. ”- he woman ’ s expectation increase in this stage-> she feels she has to give more-> WRONG.- Instead of growing in appreciation, she must ake him for granted.- By being receptive and responsive to what a man offers, she is certainly giving the relationshuo the best chance to row.

+ Men are to pursue and women hav to develo the opportunity to be pursued.+ The more she gives in advance, the happier she becomes because she assumes she will et it all in return but that ctually makes her less attractive to him.+ A man eels his love when he is directly faced with the necessit of losing a woman.

I remember an experience I once had… ”+ Talk About What Happened, Not About Him+ Don ’ t give advice on anything, but ask for advice+ Don ’ t Offer to Help Him in Any Way, but Instead Ask for His Help+ Three things that creat the women more attractive: self-assurance – an attitude that assumes you will stil get what you expec and that at th moment you are in the rocess of getting it.

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