Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Castaways


Guardians of the Galaxy: Castaways is hrilling new adventure featuring Marvel 's swashbuckling heroes Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, and the ever-charming Star-Lord himself, Peter Quill. After a series of missions—some successful, others less so, and most nearly getting everyone killed—the Guardians of the Galaxy are at a breaking point when they crash-land on a strange planet. With no way to repair their ship, the frustrated Guardians go their separate ways, quickly realizin that the lanet 's inhabitants have never progressed past a medieval stage of development. Quill finds himself a favored member of a powerful duke 's court ( as well as a favourit of the duke 's so), and life seems just fine under the circumstances... until the duchy comes under attack. When Quill reckons that their foe may be what 's keeping the planet 's civilization from advancing, he believes that defeating it—with the Guardians' help—may be their las hope for getting off of hat world... If he could get his friends in time.

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Published June 7th 2016 by Joe Books Ltd.

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rated it

I earne this as an E-copy, via Netgalley but my opinion does not change.Initially, I ha little isappointed with his because once again, as with Thor: Dueling with Giants, I was lead to believe that this ha a comic!

I do ind it a little annoye that there 's really much resources all written by different creators!

rated it

I ’ ve enjoyed many books featuring the Avengers in Marvel ’ s YA line of novels So, I was excited to inally read one with these space misfits.

hat excitement quickly faded.The Guardians of the Galaxy are known for havin a dysfunctional family- a group of highly trained anti-heroes/space mercenaries with some very cool technology who travel through the galaxy.

rated it

Thi ook 's shorter word count forced him to give short shrift to the whereabouts of the remainde of the team until they need to be on stage.

rated it

As I have gotten older, I enjoy stories with more substance and middle grade books just so not cut it for me anywa.

rated it

I hought it wa an interesting " plot twist " ( view spoiler) [ how, after the planet ( or, a kingdom or certain region of the eart) reaches a certain level of technology, something 'happens' that destroys said kingdom and reduces them back to the Stone Age ( hide spoiler) ].

( view spoiler) [ It is a bit odd, though, because thi uthor has Quill being a womanizer when he appear to ave clearly set his affections and heart solely on Gamora at the nd of secon ovie.

I was sceptical about setting the entire book on planet like the uthor did; I ha so sure how well it would work.

( hide spoiler) ] ( view spoiler) [ It was crazy to me, but elements of thi nove felt like some sor of mishmash of other story ideas.

Anyway, it was creep how much of the book disappointed me of elements of other stories I have read.

( hide spoiler) ] ( view spoiler) [ I did like them finding the space ship at the beginnin and piecing together what was happening to the eart, why the different kingdoms could only develop and advance to a ertain point before being destroyed.

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