Matt's Game

And through the sleepiness, Inka felt a man. He was standing there but she couldn ’ t see him. He was hunting for her, but he couldn ’ t see her either.

Inka Keto- Sexy, curvy and full of vigor, she 's a bear shifter from a very close family of shifters. As open, kind, and as witt as she is, she 's also tight like a steel trap. Her family has been rying to save shifter slaves from the powerful, yet evil regime, on Herta for some time.

Matt Woods- With his dark scruff, light blue eyes, and Mediterranean coloring, Matt has moves when he tries to use them. But as a molecular biologist, he has n't had time to cultivate anything worth returning to for some time. He has n't been lonely either. His time has been taken with investigating a strange metaphysical phenomenon which has intrigued him for many ears.

What start as some neighborly pleasantries, their attraction towards each other soon develops. When they both realise that the very phenomenon Matt has been researching is actually a tool to open more gates between Earth and Herta, the pportunity to save even more shifter slaves become clear. But such attraction does n't deepen without its own perils. Can the evil hunters also use these gates and what shoul it mean for this an who still want to pursue Inka? Has Matt uncovered something that could potentially stop him protecting his true mate?

his is thi book 3 in the " Shifter Fever " Series, but might lso be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers. The tory contains strong sexual themes/language and is not mean for readers under the age of 18. FREE on Kindle unlimited
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Published October 16th 2017

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I 've like her from the moment I was introduced to her in book 1- Ansel 's Game- and I personally fee that Selena found her the most perfect mate in Matt!

perfect Matt Mate Match!

( See how much Inka has influenced me?) Here 's an experiment question for you- is it possible for a tremendously talented uthor, one you have loved and followed from her debut nove in fact, to get ven more talented while her books get even more captivating& enriched with each and every new release?

My answer- after reading and re-reading som of her books, I have no other conclusion- YES!

Nevertheless if you are goin for another memoi, th series that will entic you from beginning to end, with characters to love and root for, with intriguing character and entrancing storytelling, then look no further than this book& series, in fact that can be said for ANY& EVERY Selena Scott book!

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Inka is sister to Anton, Kain, and Milla 's identical twin.

She nows someone is watching her in Green Mills.

He oes n't eally know Milla all that well, but everything seems off about her.

ater that night Matt goes to return the glasss and asks her if everything is ok, thats when he stumbles out she is Inka, Milla 's twin.

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Each ook takes a otally different route of bringing the couples together.

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Inka 's story with Matt WoodsThis is book 3.

Please read them in order since the books deal with the characters saving shifters in nother world.

Soon Matt and inka found lots of common grounds and built love between them.

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Matt is also uniquely gifted, and absolutely adorable in this admiration of all things Inka.

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