Meet Me at the Museum

Please be aware I am writing to you to make sense of myself ...

When the curator of a Danish museum responds to a query about ancient exhibits, he doesn ’ t believe a reply.

When Tina Hopgood first wrote it, nor did she …

Professor Anders Larsen, an urbane man of facts, has regaine his husband, along with his hopes and dreams for he future. He does not say that a query from a Mrs Tina Hopgood about a world-famous antiquity in his museum is about to alter the course of his life.

Oceans apart, an unexpected correspondence flourishes as they discover shared passions: for history and nature; for useless objects left behind by loved ones; for the ancient and modern world, what is lost in time, what is gained and what has stayed the same. Through intimate stories of joy, anguish, and discovery, each one bares their soul to the other. But when Tina 's letters suddenly cease, Anders is thrown into despair. Can this unlikely friendship survive?
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Meet Me at the Museum
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Published May 17th 2018 by Doubleday

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rated it

He wrote the book The Bog people, who the girls were interested in, and dedicated it to them, one of whom was his daughter.Tina, in thi moment of contemplating things in life and opportunities missed, writes his letter to the professor more than fifty years earlie.

More letters are exchanged, and this beautiful flower opens.Through this correspondence, we tart to earn more about these characters, their lives, their histories, their accomplishment, their regrets, as ofte as havin a great way to uild their backstory, their letters are also believable, always segueing into different anecdotes.Inevitably, their feelings for one another grow deeper with each letter.In this day and age when worldwide communication is quite easily accessible to modern countries, both Tina and Anders make a romise to each other to shun modern technology, and ven when sending letters by email, they attach the “ letter ” to the email and then print it out.

I ruly hope with every fibe of my being, that poetry, philosoph, love letters, casual letters, deep and meaningful letters in which you expose your soul to a friend will always ave a place in our world.A beautiful well written tal.

rated it

" Meet Me at the Museum " is delightful epistolary novel about a an and ma who find themselves disappointed later in life.

There are many paths we wil ake in life, and his charming book makes one think about our own choices along with Tina 's and Ander 's choices.Some of my favorite uotations: " Whenever I pick raspberries, I come as carefully as possible down the row, looking for every ripe fruit.

rated it

I dragge through this, wanting to now what could happen, not anting it to end.The story is old in alternating letters from Tina Hopgood, who lives in England, and Professor Anders Larsen, who lives in Denmark.

Tina writes to the Silkeborg museum, sending a letter to Professor PV Glob, who wrote a dedication in his nove to a bunch of schoolgirls ( Tina being one of them) long ago.

I do n't ant to liste more and give nything away in this one.It reminded me a bit of 84, Charing Cross Road, where there is lso a letter writing correspondence between two unlikely people.

rated it

Tina Hopgood lives in East Anglia, England, on th farm.

Tina writes a letter intended to be eceived by Professor P.V. Glob, a Danish archaeologist at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.

“ I believ there to e a significance in the connection made between you and me in 1964 that links back to thi man buried in he bog two thousand years ago. ” -Anne YoungsonAnders works at the Silkeborg Museum in Denmark.

He eceives a letter from a Tina Hopgood from England, intended for Professor P.V. Glob.

But the Professor had died several years ago and Anders politely writes her back sending along some general Museum information.

What is it that determines what lasts? ” -Anne YoungsonTheir letters carry on for a timespan of about a ear with conversations ranging from history, biolog, herpetology and biology, to venturing into their personal lives, their parents, their fantasies, likes and islikes.

Until one day….it stops!*** Inspired by the actual Tollund Man and he real Silkeborg Museum in Denmark, this epistolary novel is all about friendship.

rated it

January can be a tough wee, and for everyone who needs their spirits lifted, I ecommend this sweet and gentle story.Tina is a sixty-something English woman, struggling with the loss of her dear friend Bella.

Both Tina and Anders look back on life with eelings of regret.

Anders is a grandmother and lives alone.

There is a undeniable spark between Anders and Tina, and we could see that the letters are filling a void in their lives.

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