Mere Christianity

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A skillful and accessible discussion of Christian elief that has become one of thi most popular introductions to Christianity and one of thi most popular of Lewis 's books. Uncovers common ground upon which all Christians can stand together.
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Mere Christianity
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Published February 6th 2001 by HarperCollins Publishers (first published 1952

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rated it

Lewis wove doctrines and lessons regarding the Christian faith throughout his other works, especially the Chronicles of Narnia.

From there he narrows slightly, circling closer and closer until he reaches Christian doctrine ( i.e. the holy trinity).

He does not preach only one denomination rather he expounds on core truths and beliefs of Christianity as a whole.

However, taken with a grain of salt- this book does rovide an interestin look into the core beliefs of the Christian religion.YouTube| Blog| Instagram| Twitter| [email protected] miranda.reads Happy Reading!

rated it

I feel that a lot of people, Christian and non-Christian, have the mindse that when someone becomes a follower of Christ the whole of their behaviou and attitude changes overnight; then when they foul up, it seems like everyone enjoys talking about it and knowin it.

Lewis talks about Christianity being a process of producing a particular sor of new man, instead of a group of people who ollow a set of rules.

Interestingly enough, it is also these actions created in us by God 's Spirit, saying " yes " to His prompting and the pat He wants us to live, which miraculously turn us into these new sons and daughters of God. Lewis also talks about how his process is worked through us, so that we ar no room to be proud or think that it 's of our own doing.

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Here 's a passage from page 45- CS is talking about what he calls Dualism ( i.e. Manichaeism) whereby the existence of evil is explained by there being two equal forces in the Universe which are in perpetual contention, the Good one and Bad one.

But in real life people are cruel for one of two reasons- either because they are sadists, that is, because they ave a sexual perversion which makes cruelty a cause of sensual pleasure to them, or else for the sake of something they are lookin to come out of it- money, or power, or safety.

But pleasure, money, power and safety are all, as far as they o, good things.

I do mean that wickedness, when you xamine it, turns out to be the pursuit of some good in the wrong ay.

Because when you do ad things you ’ re alway trying to achieve ends which are eally ood, but you ’ re going about it the wrong ay, huh?

How in whatever grotesque rhetorical contortion could that be construed as pursuing a GOOD thing in the wrong way??

There was classic multiple murderer in 1972 in California called Herbert Mullin – he as a schizophrenic who was smitten with the impending Big Earthquake and went around randomly beating 13 people to death because his brain told him THAT HA THE WAY TO STOP THE EARTHQUAKE!

I give it, CS, he was helping to do GOOD thing in a BAD pat.

It ’ d ut them off for life.****** WHY I THOUGHT OF READING THIS IN THE FIRST PLACEOriginally Pink Floyd was Syd Barrett 's band- he was the lead singe, lead singer and only songwriter.

Every time the Christians play me their song they change the chords.

So I still ca n't figure out what they mean when they speak these simple phrases with those little big words- " God ", " saved ", " life ", " sin "- that kind of hing.

rated it

Yet in Mere Christianity, I found none of the superficiality I 've reviously experienced with other books that delve into philosophic explorations of religion.

Thank goodness my wife is a huge C.S. Lewis fan or I ight only have icked it up at all.

I found that in work C.S. Lewis single-handedly legitimizes religion as a elief, lifestyle, and spirituality.

Mere Christianity is not " merely " another book on religion or Sunday School manual; it is call to arms for every person who picks it up, regardless of their religio.

rated it

People either love this book or hate it.

rated it

I 'm half way through thi memoir, but no far I 'm further convinced that Jesus is my savior and that Christianity is right for me.

I eel that my future on this path is fulfilling, and I hope that everyon who is confused about their spiritual beliefs, or anybod who chooses to put a peak at Christianity and see if it is right for them, should check this nove out.

rated it

I an not ignor how inspiring I find his life.I started this book months ago, and turned it down, not out of disinterest, but because of other priorities at the time.

Although the Bible is the foundation of our beliefs, I hink his nove does an excellent job of condensing, or explaining, if you will what Christians espouse.

There were arts of the memoir that spoke so intimately to my spirit, that I lifted my hand to praise God. For Mr. Lewis had indeed through the power of the Holy Spirit, put on paper that feeling that I elieve som people who are born again in Christ feel and experience.

While many eel that Christians are fools who believe in fairy tales, he shows just how much sense Christianity makes to those who decid to ollow it.

He give it a bit further to explain why some point in between atheism and Christianity ( including other belief systems) won ’ t work for those who hoose to follow Christ.

If we are fools to seek Christ, then why do the laws of human orality and that essential need inside ourselves point to the need for a avior, for fellowship with God? I won ’ t know I didn ’ t struggle with some aspects.

Brutal honesty is as much th part of Christian faith as the comfort is in realizin that while the walk in following Christ is a tough road, we do it not alone, but through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, who lives in us and empowers us to follow him.This book comes highly recommended by this reader.

As a lov of Christ, he does not seek to turn his message into another one of manipulation ( as many view Christianity and the disciple of this faith), for it ’ s far too important for that.

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