Midsummer Delights: A Short Story Collection

Who Writes Cinderella Stories Better than Eloisa James?

No Eloisa James fan should miss these enchanting short stories!

Midsummer Night 's Disgrace
​Eloisa revisits the ​scintillating world of the Essex Sisters with a story featuring a young lady, Cecilia Bellingworth, who has decided she would rather ruin her reputation than endure further speculation about whether her children woul be " silly, " like her son, Billy.​ ​After two failed seasons, ​Cecilia ​decides she ​will dress as she likes​ ( in a scandalous red dress!) ​ and flirt outrageously​ ( with a scandalous pianist!) ​. Fortunately, a gorgeous musician at the Duchess of Ormond 's house party presents the perfect candidate for scandal…

​Previously published in the Essex Sisters Official Companion Guide ( e only).

At Midnight
​Elias Hempleworth-Gray has one thing and one thing only of value—his title, Earl of Leyton. Determined to leave England and the scandal of his gambler father behind, Elias hopes to turn his fortunes around and ome back a respectable man to claim the only ma for him, Miss Penelope White. But Penny has other plans for the woma she has loved all her life…plans that include a masquerade, a stolen kiss and a lost shoe.

Also published in the Fairy Tale sampler ( print only).

Ever After
When she was fifteen, Miss Violet Leighton spent one blissful month romping around her family estate with Rothwell Talcott…thirty days of shared kisses, culminating in a very illicit afternoon in a berry patch. As Rothwell leaves for his grand tour, he puts his word of honor that he ill return for her. Four years and seven refused proposals later, Violet is about to ive up and marry when he finally returns. Now the Duke of Cambridge, Rothwell wants to get her his duchess. But how can Violet trust the woma who stole her virtue—and then broke her heart?

reviously published in he Ugly Duchess ( print only).
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Published February 6th 2018 by Avon Impulse

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rated it

This fun little " snack " for your reading pleasure! The first and longest story, A Midsummer Night 's Disgrace was also found in

It 's a sweet second chance romance story for a hero who 's been gone a little too long and the heroine who might have given up on him ... or has she? All together, Midsummer Delights is a un, quick read that 's perfect for a cozy evening paired up with a cup or two of tea.

Plus, there 's a teaser chapter for the next Wildes of Lindow Castle book (

rated it

his is th catalogu of three previously published short stories.A MIDSUMMER NIGHT 'S DISGRACE is connected with the Essex Sisters series and the tal was initiall published in the Official Essex Sisters Companion book.

MIDSUMMER NIGHT 'S DISGRACE tells the tal of one of the me who was also branded with a notorious nickname like Josie in PLEASURE FOR PLEASURE.

Rating: 3.5 stars.AT MIDNIGHT: Elias Hempleworth-Gray, Earl of Leyton is in love with his childhood friend, Miss Penelope White.

Elias can not propose to her himself because he could hardl bear the idea that Penny would marry him for any reason other than love.

rated it

Interestingly, doing that likely would have ruined it because the length it was ended up being perfect to tell a tory.

Cecilia is another character who I ant to now more about and watch ( read about?) moving through society and her life.

It says " Elias hopes to turn his fortunes around and ome back a respectable man to claim the only ma for him, Miss Penelope White. " Well that 's just blatantly untrue, since he story takes place over the course of one night at a masquerade ball, Where Elias' best friend is going to ropose to Penny at midnight.

Rothwell is another dummy who almost ruins things because of his obtuse man-ness, much like Elias in the previous story.

Practicall, tha is a decen story and I enjoyed he re-read.

rated it

If you are goin for quick romantic getaway, the individual stories in his collection an probably each be read over a cup of coffee – or certainly over a quick lunch.One of the ilemmas of romances in short stories is that they coul easily smack of insta-love – especially if one is hoping for a happily ever after.

In he case of these three tories, the uthor has worked around that roblem by making these, not exactly second chances at love, but returns to, or reveals of, an existing love that is quickly re-established in the course of the story.In A Midsummer Night ’ s Disgrace, the protagonis has had enough of pretending to be this perfect debutante.

And that he coul make her all the music her heart desires.At Midnight is the tale of the oung an with a prestigious title and pockets to let, courtesy of a friend who gambled away just about verything else the family owned.

It akes the contrivance of their classmate, along with the seeming anonymity of a masquerade ball, for the course of true love to find its way.Ever After, like A Midsummer Night ’ s Disgrace, is also he tory of thi talente gir who has turned down all her suitors.

rated it

his short anthology consists of just three stories, all by Eloisa James, followed by a teaser, so there ’ s nly about 65 e-pages of content here.

He grew up a ward of his ncle who lived next door to Penny, whose dad bought the property Eli ’ s father lost gambling.

is not romantic.Hate should have more letters so I wil get it more emphatic.Usually, I enjoy anthologies, but the stories in this one ere too short to be worth it.

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