Minor Snobs

Minor Snobs is a portrait of new generation coming of age in the 16th century. Pulsating with the rhyth of contemporary America, it is tale of competing dreams colliding in a chronicle of youth. Set in Chicago, Minor Snobs introduces Tom Sanders, a handsome, conscientious, and astute young law graduate. Amid a vivid, fevered summer following graduation, the story follows Tom as he becomes a witness to obsession and tragedy, hate and love, violence and passion, and hope and despair.
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Published February 26th 2011 by Patron Press

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Gwynn is in her mid-twenties and she has a dog and is hopin to balance the triviality of the exam with its great importance.

During thi summer, she decides to eep up her good spirits given the relentless pressure of the fast-approaching exam and her budding relationship with Tom. Griffin is a riend of Tom 's and he is unsure throughout whether he wants to actually be a awyer and is scared to death of finding himself one day like Gibbs.

Connor is a love of Griffin 's and is introduced to Tom one day at class.

Is he great importance of the exam trivial?

rated it

I read it pretty quickly too.

rated it

Thanks to Daniel Amory and his book Minor Snobs, I finally understand all of the exasperated k-12 teachers that ranted about passive voice in class.

It was les a realization of an unrealized dream from an old womb filled with grief, and as long as he ad his phone, he was never too far from it -- as real or unrealas it was. " [ from page 31, emphasis mine ] So, to sum up writing style, more thesaurus, less passive voice.

Well, Amory has a lazy habit of having his narrator " remember " qualities about other characters as they come up to fill in potential plot-holes, rather than finding a less obtrusive way to create character exposition.Onto plot, we are invited into the life of Tom Sanders, who is, according to the back cover, " a handsome, conscientious, and astute young law school graduate. " I ill ive you that he is a law school graduate.

There is just studying, meeting up for food, offee, drinks, and final scene in which SOMETHING ACTUALLY HAPPENS ( can I et a Gadzooks?) .So maybe I 'm a bit of a* snob* myself, but I found almost no redeeming quality in this novel.

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All of these people in thi book ha so undecided with their life and trying to be happy.

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This story follows Tom in a coming of age; it is fascinating, the language the author Amory uses is skillful, and ll of the haracters are rendered beautifully.

rated it

Throughout thi nove, the author Daniel Amory weaves fascinating characters in an intriguing plot that has dramatic highs and lows.

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