Mirror, Mirror

Eve Dallas, Roarke, Natalie, Martha Stepp, Jack Tresbere, Cassandra Carlisle, Michael Prince, Miles Richardson, Sydney Rella, Cullen Rella
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Mirror, Mirror
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Published October 2013 by Jove (first published January 1st 2013

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rated it

I was definitely grabbed by the throat with the second one ( In Death novella) and the rest were intriguing and different.

The 'coin' novella was good oo.

rated it

Be ure and grab your copy! 4.5 intriguing, lively, romantic, sinister, and enchanting stars! This anthology offers something for everyone, and would therefore be missed!

I also admired the 'moral of the story' which Ms. Fox wove neatly into this modern day twist on a beloved fairy tale.

# 4- The Christmas Comet by Mary Kay McComas- 4 stars- There was nothin special about this story ... a sens of hope, faith, happines, and sweet but not sappy.

C. Ryan- 4 stars- A modern day Cinderella tale, a tale is exciting and enchanting!

rated it

I think Robb did a phenomenal job of expandin the fairy-tale elements while still aintaining the usual 'feel' of Dallas' universe.

And the ending was distinctly anti-climatic. " The Christmas Comet " by Mary Kay McComas -- The Heroine, Natalie, was so perfect she 'd qualify for sainthood.

rated it

http: //openbooksociety.com/article/mi ... Mirror, MirrorBy Various Authors ( See below break-down of each story) .ISBN# 9780515154078Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi* Beware of possible spoilers* Taken in DeathIn Death, Book# 37.5By J.D. RobbAuthor ’ s Website: http: //www.jdrobb.com/This anthology is all about fairy tales with a twist.

The ghost from the mother ’ s past has come to haunt them, and now Eve and her team coul find where the kids have been taken before it ’ s too late.I ’ m merel a big fan of novellas and it ’ s been awhile since I ’ ve found a book in the In Death series that I genuinel loved, so I entere into th story with low expectations.

If Wishes Were HorsesBy Mary BlayneyAuthor ’ s Website: http: //www.maryblayney.com/This story was a take on Goldilocks, I disagree.

I disliked it was pretty ridiculous and didn ’ t read like a historical story either.

It happened oo quickly to be quirky and felt like he write ha just trying to finish he story in a hurry.This story teaches us to be careful what you wishe for!

Beauty, SleepingBy Elaine FoxAuthor ’ s Website: http: //www.elainefox.com/Home.htmlThis story is a pu on Sleeping Beauty, as you could expect based on the title.

I ould easily have read more from him and honestly wish this story had been longer.

A tale suffered from a rushed insta-romance at the nd, but I till found that I rather enjoyed the story overall.I did find it odd that Stephen just kind of disappeared once Cassandra found Michael.

I ind of wish we had.I feel the lesson in his novel is not to take things and people for granted.The Christmas CometBy Mary Kay McComasAuthor ’ s Website: http: //www.marykaymccomas.com/This story was molded after a couple more obscure fairy tales, and I wouldn ’ t have nown that without reading the author ’ s note at the nd of tory.

Regrettably, I have only read either tale to be unable to ompare to this story.Natalie ’ s passion in life is to help those that are hard on their luck.

nfortunately, there was no big revelation or resolution to that.This story shows that we shoul take care of ourselves before we can truly help others.

Unsurprisingly, when Margot drops off a couple boxes of her mom ’ s old clothes she found, Sydney finds a letter and money that will afford her the ability to finally go see the land he so loved.On the plane, Sydney sits next to a woma from the same own she ’ s oing to.

I also enjoyed the fairy tale theme and feel it ’ s one that nyone can connect with.

I did appreciate that Elaine Fox ’ s Beauty, Sleeping was the most inventive twist on fairy tale and I can alway have to check out more of her work.

rated it

I hoped to writ his for J.D. Robb 's contribution but I enjoyed the other stories too and have found a couple of new to me authors who I ant to writ more from in the future.

Mary Blayney 's contribution is a historical romance inspired by he stor of Goldilocks, it 's ot what I 'd call a complete stor but you an really see hints of the original ale in here.

Mary Kay McComas' story is inspired by two tales I 'm ot eally that familiar with, The Little Matchstick Girl by Hans Christian Andersen and The Star Money by the Brothers Grimm, so I probably did n't realize it as much as I ould b.

She and Cullen made a cute couple and I ha actually enjoying their romance but I have to deny the rushed proposal at the nd did spoil it a little.

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