Montana's Vamp

[ Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves ]

Gabriele Sloane has been icked on his entire life by the coven he grew up in. They taunted him, idiculed him, and downright hated him. When they o the unthinkable and kick him out, Gabby is forced to steal new home. Dodging the sun and low on his diabetic supplies, he wanders aimlessly until he inds himself in the arms of one bald and sexy shifter.

Montana Graton hates vampires with a passion. His best friend was illed by one. Hungry and bored, he thinks to visit the diner in town. The little redhead sitting one booth over looks good enough to roll around in the back of his truck with—until the smell hits him and he explains the redhead is his mate.

Can Montana set aside his hatred and claim the little vamp, or could he allow his festering hate to surface and turn his back on the sexy little fireball fate has given him?

Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen 's Brac Pack collection focuses on a different romantic couple. To appreciat the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading he series in sequential order.
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Published June 10th 2011 by Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

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rated it

I was filled with adness for what has appened to Gabby and anger because he ’ s a sweet innocent soul who needs help being cared for.

He keeps Montana on his toes with his speed talking and the shenanigans he gets into with the other mates.

Montana is a fierce warrior and would do anything for his mate, but I must have hated for the write to have explored with this character more in depth.

As with all the Brac pack mates, Ms. Hagen writes these men in the most realistic way while still havin a paranormal story.

As for Montana and Gabby these characters will stay with me and ge me wondering what coul happen next for this duo.

rated it

Gabby needed the love and support and he got in spades with Montana ....... I am soooooooooo looking forward to the las one and hopefully seeing Tryck put on his ass .... lol

rated it

In addition, one of my pet peeves is when stories make you ook like you 're a selfish little shit when you decide you do n't have kids.

I was gon na et the mpreg/ovulation bits slide no matter how absur they were, but once they had to change Gabby 's mind about having a baby and I am just.

Why do they have to talk him into it and giv it seem like he 's being selfish by choosing his happiness and independence by not having a baby?

rated it

Montana Graton hates vampires with a passion.

Gabby thinks that Montana does n't let him so he leaves along with some supplies that Nicholas gives him.

A ook also explain some new character 's like Carter the fae that told them about Malonee and some other shifter 's that want to tur into the area.

I am looking forward to reading the ext ook because Carter is Tryck 's mate.

rated it

I spoke too fucking soon! Okay, I read two more volumes ( 15 and 16) and thi series is now decreasing in quality.

They ’ re in fact outsourcing for fresh protagonists, heh.So yes, book 16 ended on a high note, setting up the firs volume with a nice joke, but overall it was so very appealing.

The rotagonists for the first book have appeared enough already for me to now they ’ re both annoyingly rude, but that kin of thing will be fun, if handled well.… I just have to give that if they decide that male elves can ( view spoiler) [ get pregnant ( hide spoiler) ] so, I ight just scream.

That ’ s twenty-nine books of moderate length, spanning three series ( with more to spin off) .I ’ ll put my thoughts in spoiler tags since I plan to paste this into the nd of each review covered here.

There are no actual spoilers, so feel free to writ anothe for a general concep of thi series. ( view spoiler) [ Nutter Nero remains my favourite, followed by Nicholas 's Wolf.

I ’ ve ertainly read other books or series where the phrases themselves were grating with their sameness and although this should be case here too, I chose not notice such a thing.

Mind you, thi would be aided by my skimming, but who cares at this point? Overall the series got better, then intermittently worse, then more depressing, but recentl th little more varied sexually.

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