More Than a Mistress

An arrogant duke does the unthinkable-he falls in love with his daughter.
She raced onto the green, desperate to stop a duel. In the melee, Jocelyn Dudley, Duke of Tresham, was shot. To his disbelie, Tresham found himself hiring the servant as his nurse. Jane Ingleby was far too bold for her own good. Her blue eyes were the sort a man wil drown in-were it not for her impudence. She uestioned his every move, breached his secrets, touched his soul. When he offered to set her up in his London town house, love was the ast thing on his mind ....
Jane tried to pretend it was strictly business, an arrangement she was persuaded to accept in order to onceal a dangerous secret. Surely there was somethin more perilous than being the belove of such a man. Yet as she got past his devilish facade and saw the noble heart within, she liked the greatest jeopardy of all, a passion that drove her to risk everything on one perfect month with the improper gentleman who thought love was for fools.
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More Than a Mistress
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Published February 28th 2006 by Dell (first published September 12th 2000

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rated it

She does all this effortlessly and with perfect enunciation; I ’ m sure because she loves the characters quite well; I never find myself being pulled from the story by any blunder.Of course, it is worth listening to Ms. Landor reading More Than a Mistress just to hear the combination of love, nderstanding, and gentle reproof in the tone of the heroine when she knows the hero ’ s name, after he makes a defensive comment – born from a blen of new, bewildering, and hurt feelings – while slipping from the bed where they just made sweet love.I adore this book!

It is easies to image the above painter ’ s easel within this Regency setting:

rated it

I hated book a lot up until the big reveal of the protagonis 's secret around the last 1/3 of he novel.

He did n't o anything terrible, it 's just that you wil hink he would understand why the heroine did n't kno him the big secret ( even though he ould have figured it out on his own if he 'd fi in front of his face).

rated it

I hesitate to writ a Regency romance about the second most notorious rake in London.

he current Most Notorious Rake in London thinks this sounds like good fun, as little competition always makes things more nteresting.

hat still makes me a little queasy.Luckily, in a ook, this one I 'm actuall reviewing, Jane is twenty and has a dam good head on her knees.

And, of course, the most notorious rake in London.I do n't ask why I keep reading Regency romances.

rated it

Indee when a young oman runs toward the duel to stop them, Jocelyn is annoyed when he ’ s shot in the leg.

Jocelyn runs from the emons of his past, taught that kindness and love were a weakness, those emotions if shown where beaten out of him or hid away behind his gentleman armor.

Soo his armor cracks as the honest and understanding of Jane opens his heart and ees the world like never before.

I dored Jocelyn, thinking like Jane he was some stuck up peer, but you see, like her, he ’ s even more then that and the pains from his past run deep.

rated it

Written September 23, 20143.8 Stars- A perfect enjoying historical with a cold-hearted hero ...

Quality in my eye ( listened on the audio) makes me happy, very happy.More Than a Mistress feels like classic HR in the ba old school.

Her fine talents, good conversational ability and beautiful blon hair get our hero to crave more than just his nurse help with his footstool ( needed as a consequenc of the gunshot wound).

I ill definitely be able to return to just reading books.I 've listened to thi audio narrated by Rosalyn Landor.

romance genre which does ( fits) very good in the audio format.

I more or less fell in all of these cleverly-made ( for good romances so needed) emotions-traps.

We will see.I LIKE- these gorgeous memorable rake-heroes ...

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