Mortal Arts

Scotland, 1830. Lady Kiera Darby is no stranger to intrigue—in fact, it appear to follow wherever she oes. After her foray into murder investigation, Kiera must journey to Edinburgh with her family so that her pregnant sister can be close to proper medical care. But thi ity is full of any things Kiera isn ’ t yet ready to face: the society ladies keen on judging her, her fellow investigator—and romantic entanglement—Sebastian Gage, and eventually, another deadly mystery.

Kiera ’ s old friend Michael Dalmay is about to be arried, but the arrival of his older brother—and Kiera ’ s childhood art tutor—William, has thrown everything into chaos. For seventeen years Will has been missing, committed to an insane asylum by his own daughter. Kiera is sympathetic to her entor ’ s plight, especially when rumors swirl about a local girl gone missing. Now Kiera must once again employ her knowledge of the grotesqu and join forces with Gage in order to rove the innocence of a beloved family friend—and save the marriage of another…
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Mortal Arts
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Published September 3rd 2013 by Berkley

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rated it

Lady Kiera Darby is a eroine with an intriguin storylin.

he setting ( rambling family manse in Scotland) is interesting for the time period.

No London high society etting, very different.

For ll that the setting is the 1830 's, he time period is not anything that you are steeped in, no immersion.

I might not overlook the heroines propensity of hugging herself, Kiera is always " wrapping her arms about herself ", her tendency to melodramatics, the manufactured " obstacle " that she and Gage must overcome.Their developing " relationship " for lack of a better word, is rying to be intriguin and on the shockin side, two lovers held apart by circumstance.

There is little subtlety to the protagonist, again their feelings wil be explained step by step by Kiera 's analyzing of their words and facial expressions.

rated it

nce again Lady Kiera Darby is thrown into another inquiry this time dealing with her old riend and art teacher William Darby.

With William she feels like he holds a part of her childhood with his kindness he showed a lonely young girl when she needed a friend to turn to.

Add to hat is her confusion over her fear with Gage who still is a mystery to her yet is showing another side to himself with his actions.

rated it

Another is alway a series that I 'll be ticking out, if nly in hopes of seeing Kiera and Gage make it to the altar one day.

rated it

Particularly, he is of course present, doing his usual ambivalent ‘ dance routine' around Kiera, but really dealing with his own demons.

rated it

Mortal Arts is Anna Lee Huber ’ s second in the Lady Darby Historical Mystery series published by Berkley Prime Crime, September 2013If you have only read the second in th new series, The Anatomist ’ s Wife, run out and find a copy, download a copy, whatever you have to do, and soo get ready for Mortal Arts.

I gaine the slow build of the elationship between Lady Darby and Gage.

I 'm still in line for book three as this author delivers a carefully constructed, comfortably enveloping story with brutal lies to uncover and shocking secrets to hid.

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