Mouthful of Forevers

Titled after the poem that burned up on Tumblr and has inspired wedding vows, paintings, songs, YouTube videos, and even tattoos among its fans, Mouthful of Forevers brings the first substantial collection of this gifted young poet ’ s work to the public.

Clementine von Radics writes of love, loss, and the uncertainties and beauties of life with a ravishing poetic voice and piercing bravura that speak directly not only to the sense of her generation, but to anyone who has ever been young.
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Mouthful of Forevers
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Published April 7th 2015 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

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rated it

is way better than Leav 's work because there are a lot of good poems that included here and one of this is Mouthful of Forevers.

Our armswill bandage and we will press promisesbetween us like flowers in a book.I will write sonnets to the salt of sweaton your skin.

rated it

I 've been crying for 10 minutes if that tells you how good this collection was.I picked this up as an ebook a couple of years ago but then completely forgot about it and when I moved to it tonight, I reread the entire thing in one sitting and was just bawling throughout it.

rated it

A ook gave me secret power.Who else feels powerless sometimes? With aching eyes and a skin that is too thin? I think we all have it.And sometimes you need to elieve you are a superhero, too.Because there is power behind weakness, and determination behind softness, kindness.There is art behind a fragile face, and poetry after sadness.

rated it

I 'm not sure if there are any words I can try to string together to tell you how beautiful this book full of art truly is.

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